TPLF to punish Ethiopians who don't celebrate May 28


Notices have been given to Ethiopians who do not celebrate the 25 years ruling of the regime.

The warning by the unpopular TPLF, the ruling political party of Ethiopia declares, "those who do not turn up for the occasion will be given a disciplinary action by their employers."

TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front), still a liberation front to create Tigray republic from Ethiopia has ruled the country since 1991 under EPRDF name.

In the 2010 Ethiopian election, the EPRDF took 99.6 percent of parliamentary seats after using the fraudulent practice of eliminating votes that supported the opposition. But in last year election, the ruling party refused to accept a defeat of a single seat by grabbing 100 percent of the votes that brought even laughter in Washington, the regime's political and financial backers.

TPLF officials which are known 'Dedebits' in a derogatory term are closer to perfect the meaning of election. Unlike one-party dictatorships like in Eritrea, it recognizes opposition parties, allows them some freedom of maneuver, only to deprive them of even one seat in the parliament as a manifestation of its absolute hegemony.

One Western diplomat in the capital Addis Ababa quoted, "why is the ruling party going through such a costly, time-consuming, and utterly useless election?

Now, the people of Ethiopia are threatened with losing their livelihoods by TPLF if they refuse to celebrate with the enemy they despised the most.