Ogaden National Liberation Front Press Release on Oromo Protest

Press Release

The Ethiopian regime has a history of repeatedly committing heinous crimes. The type and scale of the crimes it has perpetrated on the people of Oromia, Ogaden and other ethnic groups for the last 24 years of the regime are well documented by prominent international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. With no consequences for its actions from the international community, the regime is emboldened to continuously killing unarmed civilians.

The Ogaden National Liberation front condemns the perpetrators of this heinous crimes and calls upon the International Community to make the Ethiopian regime accountable for executing this massacre against Oromo people.

ONLF sends its condolences to the families of Oromo Students who have been murdered by the oppressive tyranny TPLF regime. We urge all oppressed people to fight, shoulder to shoulder in unison against the minority government led by TPLF. We also call upon all nations in Ethiopia to join their legitimate efforts to bring a democratic change in Ethiopia where all nations are accorded fully their rights to be the masters of their own destiny.

Issued by ONLF