Ethiopia likely to be a failed state by 2030 - U.S. Intelligence

January 18, 2012 — Ethiopia is listed among the top 15 countries in danger of becoming failed states, according to a report issued by the Director of National Intelligence, an umbrella organization of US intelligence agencies.

In its 140-page report titled, Global Trends 2030: Alternative trends, the agency lists 15 countries deemed most in danger of becoming failed states within the next two decades due to conflicts and environmental calamities.

The report also predicts middle classes in developing countries will grow significantly by 2030, while it cautions with dangers of cyber and biological weapons becoming readily available.

In a similar report issued in late 2012, The Fund for Peace Organization, a US-based non profit organization, ranked Ethiopia 17th in its annual Failed State Index.

To read the entire report, visit here

Countries deemed at high risk of potentially becoming failed states by 2030:

1) Chad
2) Somalia
3) Ethiopia
4) Democratic Republic of Congo
5) Afghanistan
6) Pakistan
7) Burundi
8) Bangladesh
9) Yemen
10) Nigeria
11) Hati
12) Malawi
13) Kenya
14) Uganda
15) Niger

Ethiopia predicted to be a failed state within 18 years - Photo: Epatko