Six rebel groups form alliance to topple Ethiopian regime

October 02, 2012 — Six Ethiopian rebel forces have formed an alliance aimed at toppling the Ethiopian government, led by the newly appointed and inexperienced Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne.

The six groups predominantly hail from north and western regions of Ethiopa and have come together to call themselves the Ethiopians Alliance for a Democratic Change, or EADC.

In a communique issued yesterday, the group announced they seek the support and cooperation of opposition parties and civic associations working to overthrow the regime.

Claiming peaceful struggle and change has been closed by the ruling party, EADC says it's goals are to overthrow TPLF-led regime and end their ethnic hegemony over the country through the use of force.

Addis Ababa has been fighting several rebels throughout the country. Clashes with anti-government democracy and secessionist rebels are a frequent occurrence in the country of 85 million.

The six members of the EADC include the Gambella People's Liberation Movement, Benishangul People's Liberation Movement, Ethiopian People's Justice and Equality Front, Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front, Amhara Democratic Force Movement and Tigray People's Democratic Movement.

Ethiopian democracy rebels celebrating a battle victory