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Kenyan TV Channels

Kenyan Television developed under the British colonial rule. The first channel to operate was the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC); which was established in 1928. When Kenya gained its independence in 1963, and was the only channel to operate in Kenya up till 1990, when Kenya Television Network (KTN) began broadcasting in Swahili and English.

KTN challenged KBC state runned monoply by providing Kenyans an alternative to state media. KTN differentiated itself from the KBC by focusing on ‘activism journalism’. It also focused more on the daily lives of Kenyans, which gained a lot of popularity among TV viewers. As more TV stations opened up in Kenya, KTN began focusing less on politics and activism and more on business related news.

A decade after KTN's successful launch, Kenya's largest media corporation established Nation TV (NTV), which is co-owned by Kenyan vice president George Saitoti. NTV reporters focused more on crime and social injustices among Kenyan societies, which has garnered a few KTN reporters with praise and awards from western news agencies such as CNN.

Citizen TV mostly broadcasts in Swahili and English and is geared for entertainment, fashion and current affairs. It's mostly popular with the youth of Kenya.

Other Kenyan channels include Family TV, and Sayare TV, whom both broadcasts documentaries, gospel programs, current affairs and family programming with a religious Christian point of view.

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