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Background of ETV

Ethiopian Television (ETV) is a government-owned television channel introduced to Ethiopia in 1964, during emperor Halie Selassie's administration. According to Selassie, he introduced ETV "to move the Ethiopian people progressively along the road to their maximum cultural development". ETV had cost the monarchy a total of 600,000 dollars to establish and an additional annual cost of 480,000 to maintain. By 1984, ETV was upgraded to broadcast with color during Mengusitu Hali Mariam's reign.

ETV Programs and Languages

ETV mainly broadcasts in Amharic, Afaan Oromo, Somali, Tigrigna, Afar, Arabic, French and English. Programs such as Ethiopian Idol, which is similar to that of American idol, documentaries, films, news, and ceremonies regularly air on ETV.

In late 2010, Ethiopia's Communications Minster, mr. Bereket Simon stated as many as eight new privately owned television channels will be introduced at the start of 2011. Despite these promises of introducing privately owned television stations, none of these claims have yet to materializes.

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