Durame is an independent online media created to serve and inform Ethiopians and the Horn of Africa diaspora with a fair and balanced perspective. Durame was launched in early 2011 to help bring a fair and balanced approach to discuss Ethiopia's major crises, as well highlight its positive developments. We have no affiliations to any political groups, religious movements, nor will we side with one in the foreseeable future.

Our main goals are to deliver timely and balanced news and to give a platform where all viewpoints and ideas can be exchange freely. We strongly feel Ethiopia's political atmosphere is based on extremes and reading and discussing different perspectives in a civil manner is beneficial for every citizen.

In addition to news, analysis and politics, Durame will also publish articles relating to history, biographies, satire and in the near future, we will publish Ethiopian videos and music.

Currently, Durame has three Columnists:

  • Abebe Haliemariam
  • Gebre Alebachew
  • Ibrahim Abduallah