Taming the TPLF (Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front) Hyenas

Taming the TPLF (Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front) Hyenas

by NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force

Ethiopians have endured unimaginable cruelty, by self-centered, extremely greedy and primitive TPLF leaders who have worked very hard to disrespect, diminish and dismantle Ethiopian nationalism over the past twenty-seven years.

Dr. Abiye Ahmed, the current prime minister and his group have understood the dangers of keeping the TPLF status quo. In a complete departure from his predecessors the new prime minister has elevated Ethiopian nationalism, shown his alliance with the people, a willingness to open political space, and his fight with TPLF aristocrats for the release of thousands of political prisoners. For the second time in twenty-seven years, optimism is in the air for Ethiopians, (the first time being the election of 2005 where TPLF was completely rejected) and they will never allow a bunch of low life torturous cadres to hold on to power and mistreat them again.

To the joy of most Ethiopians, the new prime minister has called for all opposition parties including those labelled by the TPLF as terrorist, like Patriotic Ginbot-7, to participate in the political process. His team is working on reversing the terrorism law that was designed by the former evil and narrow minded prime minister Meles Zenawi and his group to keep opposition out of the political landscape. Most of all, Dr. Abiye has publicly admitted what most of Ethiopians have been saying privately and publicly over twenty years, which is the fact that the regime has been terrorizing Ethiopians, while falsely labelling freedom fighters and peaceful opposition parties as terrorists.

In a stark contrast to primitive TPLF leaders, Dr. Abiye and his group understand the geopolitical situation in the world and the importance of building a democratic, self-reliant, united and powerful nation, rather than a divided and weak country intentionally modeled to keep autocratic minority rule in place. They understand that a system that favors one ethnic group at the expense of others, completely closes itself to political dialogue, imprisons, tortures and kills opposition, and minimizes Ethiopian nationalism to ethnicity is primitive and unsustainable. That system designed and implemented by the TPLF is also the main reason for the Ethiopian youth flocking to foreign countries, choosing to drown in the Mediterranean Sea rather than suffer under the TPLF regime and migrating to foreign countries like Libya and Yemen that are on the verge of disintegration because of leaders like the TPLF who have no business being in leadership positions to start with. Dr. Abiye needs to be applauded for what he’s done so far, including showing compassion to Ethiopians that are being mistreated in and outside their country.

There is a lot of work to be done to dismantle and completely remove the most hateful remnants of the TPLF, and Ethiopians should not settle for anything but a government that is fully accountable to the people, and we should all come together and help Dr. Abiye and his team. The road to democracy is not an easy one, and there will be a lot of obstacles along the way. However, Ethiopians will unite and defeat the primitive TPLF and build a long-lasting democracy that will be around for future generations to come. There is no doubt that Dr. Abiye is fully dedicated and has shown tremendous courage to go forward in the face of evil.

While looting the country and abusing Ethiopians left and right, the mindless and self-centered TPLF supporters have arrogantly said “Ethiopians need bread before democracy.” Those supporters are not any better than hyenas. Those hyenas are terrified these days because Dr. Abiye is unifying the nation. They are upset because he is encouraging Ethiopian nationalism. They are angry because he is releasing political prisoners that have been tortured beyond belief. Those pathetic and mindless supporters and TPLF leaders are working hard to destabilize Dr. Abiye Ahmed’s efforts towards democratizing the country.

The assassination efforts on Saturday 23, June 2018, during the most lovely and unifying event organized by the public to thank the prime minister, was a pathetic attempt by the TPLF to stop progress. When Dr. Abiye preaches unity, TPLF leaders will continue preaching division. When he preaches against torture, they preach to bring back torture. When he preaches about love, they preach hate. When he preaches about Ethiopian nationalism, they preach about a small place called Dedebit. The world is now clearly witnessing the true face of TPLF leaders. They are terrorists who are not capable of leading one hundred people, let alone one hundred million, so Ethiopians expect their despicable acts to continue as they know no better.

It is sad to see that none of the TPLF supporters inside and outside the country have come out to denounce the cowardly acts of TPLF low-life criminals. As we have witnessed. In the recent past, TPLF supporters never cared about the killing of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, or their neighbors losing their children to Agazi soldiers. They weren’t outraged when Ephrem Hailu was killed in Dembi-Dollo and his mom was beaten on his lifeless body in front of his young sister. They didn’t blink their eyes during the Abay Mado “Kobel” massacre where more than fifty Bahir Dar youth were killed by Agazi soldiers, and they never said “enough killing” during the “irreecha” massacre, where eight hundred families lost their loved ones in a single day in Bishoftu. These mindless supporters would never question their bosses when they see an Ethiopian losing both his legs while in prison. Based on their behavior for more than twenty long years, they will never care about hurting the one prime minister Ethiopians have fallen in love with because he is a good man who loves his country and TPLF cannot stand that.

Taming a primitive organization full of hyenas is not going to be an easy job for Dr. Abiye, as the hyenas are used to eating everybody’s lunch. As soon as Dr. Abiye starts to make some changes former as well as current TPLF members wasted no time to conspire against him in Addis Ababa as well as in Mekele. In a meeting between the most corrupt hyena and former foreign minister, Seyoum Mesfin, and several TPLF generals in Mekele, Seyoum was preaching about how the constitution is being rigged by the new prime minister, asking the corrupt generals to act, which amounts to encouraging a military quo d’├ętat.

We are confident that Ethiopians will stand up and protect the new prime minister and his group. However, we also suggest that Dr. Abiye could use the skills of one of our famous Ethiopian brothers, Abbas Ahmed, “the hyena tamer” in Harar, eastern Ethiopia. Most Ethiopians would like to see all the dangerous TPLF hyenas put together in a safe place and they would be willing to supply Abbas with enough beef to keep them eating while the progress towards democracy continues.

Having said that, we wish Dr. Abiye and his team all the best, and we look forward to an Ethiopia where individual rights are respected, corruption (including stealing elections) is considered a crime, freedom of speech/expression are respected, all ethnic and religious groups have equal rights, and no one is treated above the law.

We strongly condemn the cowardly acts of Getachew Assefa (former intelligence chief) and his bosses for their failed assassination attempt on Dr. Abiye, and at the same time we express our deepest condolences to those Ethiopians who sacrificed their lives protecting the prime minister.

We stand with Dr. Abiye Ahmed, Ethiopians will prevail

Down with the TPLF Hyenas

NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force (http://ethionynj.com)