Eskinder Nega calls for PM Abiy Support Against New TPLF threat

By Ethiomedia

In the face of a new TPLF threat, the Ethiopian people should rally behind the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and save the rare opportunity that may lead the country to democracy, journalist Eskinder Nega told an audience here on Sunday.

Eskinder said he was 'cautiously optimistic' over the changes PM Abiy was introducing, though he was not sure if the prime minister would go for a 'fundamental change' that the country deserves to make democracy the corner stone of any future governance.

But now, the people should be aware of the threat from TPLF, whose recent statement from Mekelle was almost a vow to reverse the promising measures that PM Abiy has taken so far.

Two of the prominent measures that PM Abiy has taken are releasing thousands of prisoners as well as sending once powerful individuals like the dreaded Security Chief Getachew Assefa into retirement.

Dr Abiy has raised the hopes and aspirations of the Ethiopian people for a better future, and such hopes have pulled the country back from sliding into ethnic conflicts as was feared a a few months ago.

Eskinder said he would call the city residents of Addis Ababa to extend their support to the new government of Dr. Abiy during a public rally next week.

TPLF, which has been a dominant group of the three other coalition partners of the ruling EPRDF, has been heavily depending on the reign of terror for the last 27 years of its existence. Journalists like Eskinder himself were accused of terrorism on fabricated charges and sentenced to long term prison sentences in a bid to wipe out dissent from the public arena.