Ethnicization of EBC is costing EPRDF, and will cost Ethiopia

Written by Tariku Tezera,

I understand the logic behind Ethnicization of EBC and creation of TigrayTV, OromiaTV, AmharaTV, SomaliTV, etc. However, I think this is costing EPRDF badly. I think their importance is less compared to the associated risk they pose to the strength of Ethiopia. They can easily disseminate 'false' information (like what is happening now in Oromia and Somalia Killils, probably Amhar too, and what happened last year in Amhara etc.). This is similar to the problem of "Ethnicization of Ethiopian Universities" that I worte to you guys a few months ago (please refer to my email using and titled "ANDM is following TPLF footsteps in Ethnicization of Ethiopian Universities").

I think weaker Killil and stronger Federal (central) government is the solution; not a strong Killil or and weaker central government. The recent "special interest" bill of Addis, or changing the name of Addis to Finfine, will agravate things rather than solving them.

And changing the Oromigna alphabet to Latin Qubee was also a great mistake; and I think should be corrected (but with time). (if you are interested, you may go to your email archives and read more on that issue, for eg. "forwarded message on ኦሮምኛ በግእዝ ፊደላት").

Also, I want to mentioned that, putting unnecessary emblem in the Green-Yellow-Red flag was a great mistake (and should be corrected). I discussed with many elders Tigrians on this issue few years back, and they are Not Happy with that, not because they are against Biher-Bihereseboch it is mainly because they think it is against their religion (Note that the unnecessary emblem = believing in Biher-Bihereseboch narrative is a propaganda of EPRDF not a "general truth", and it could easily corrected if EPRDF is willing to correct it). Think about forcing a proud Orthodox Church leader to put a flag with a star (not a Cross emblem), that is very weired in fact, that is why the people of Mekelle and Adigrat decided to build a big Cross in Choma and Adigrat; I think this was to show their disagreement with TPLF's Ethiopian Flag (probably) and to show to all Ethiopians that they like Cross, I could be wrong on this but I think it makes a lot of sense for many Tigrian Orthodox Christian followers where they like to put the Cross in prominent places including their forehead. In general, I do not know anyone who is mature in age and history and who liked the current unnecessary emblem in the Green-Yellow-Red flag Ethiopian flag.

Also, I would like to mention that many Orthodox Christians in Tigray are not happy to see their church leaders separated for more than 25 years; I think EPRDF should encourage elder peoples (such as Former President Girma Woldegiorgis and others) to reconcile the Ethiopian Orthodox Church leaders. It is costing Ethiopia too much !!! Not only politically, but also culturally, socially, economically, etc. This is isolating a lot of Tigrians from their Ethiopian brothers and sisters. It is hindering many Tigrians (outside Ethiopia) form building friendship, have a positive social life and build family with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters. I think Orthodox church leaders (both in Ethiopia and outside) should compromise and reach to an agreement for the sake of their followers (Mi'emenan), if they really care about their Mi'emenan.

I believe this current situation is a good opportunity for EPRDF to correct many of its mistakes, and attract many constructive opposition but with clear and acceptable ideologies, such as Medrek, ex-TPLF leadership, many knowledgeable Ethiopians such as Dr. Yakob (the author on "Asseb Yeman Nat?"), etc.