Teddy Afro officially released his latest album 'Ethiopia'

By ECADForum

The iconic Ethiopian artist Tewodros Kassahun, a.k.a Teddy Afro released his much-expected album named “Ethiopia”

Having released his fifth album “Ethiopia” today May 2, 2017 Teddy Afro has set record album sales in the Ethiopian music history yet again.

Dozens of minibuses spotted lined up in Addis Ababa to transport the newly released Teddy Afro’s album to faraway towns and cities.

The digital copy of the album is also available online at cdbaby.com.

“Despite his parents being involved in the entertainment industry, they discouraged Teddy from becoming a musician.” Today, Teddy Afro has become an internationally renowned artist. He is an iconic Ethiopian pop star who has dominated the local music scene for more than a decade.