14 minority led Ethiopian regime soldiers found dead in Benishangul

By Girma Alemu | Abbay Media News

Days earlier, it is to be reminded a disgruntled regime’s soldier destroyed a radar station at Wombera district at a place called Gondi. This resentful individual has also killed one regional police member.

It is reported, following the steps taken by the soldier, renaissance division, rapid response federal members are suspicious of each other. The police who damaged the radar have endured biting and torture before he was shot by a firing squad by direct order from higher officials. It is also known, 11 other soldiers suspected of involvement have been detained. After the destruction of the radar by the soldier, the regime has replaced all the soldiers who were guarding the radars previously. The replacement soldiers who were travelling from Pawe were attacked while on route by freedom fighters and have lost 4 of their members.

The regime deployed soldiers to this cold and mountainous region suspecting freedom fighters are operating in this area. Last Monday 14 of the deployed soldiers were found dead. 5 of them were killed by being stabbed and 9 of them didn’t have any visible wound and the cause of their death is unknown.