TPLF General was stopped from attending meeting of Somali military officials

By Ogadennet

An important meeting was taking place when General Gabre entered the hall to listen the Somali military officials’ discussion in Mogadishu, but General Mohamed Adan asked him, “What are you doing here?”

” I just wanted to participate with you in the meeting,” replied General Gabre Heard.

“I think you are in a wrong place,” said the General Adan to General Gabre. Then he told the Ethiopian official that it was not the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Somalia. Gebre requested from the General to give a chance to talk to him personally but Adan said that he had no chance to do so.

Gebre sent a call to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and asked him to help him participate in the defense forces’ meeting. Mohamud asked Gen. Gebre to ask Adan to talk to him on phone but General Adan rejected it by saying that he had no time and busy for doing his national duty.

Mr. Adan eventually told Gabre to get out of the meeting as soon as possible since he was a foreign diplomat.

“Gen. Gebre became upset and got out of the meeting hall. But President Hassan called General Adan and asked him to call at him,” according to officials attending the meeting.

General Adan went to the President and what they discussed remain unknown but when the general returned to the meeting hall he changed all security staff including his personal ones. However, Ethiopia’s Gebre became a man that degrades the Somali officials when he has no power.