What happened to UN Peacekeeping officer Captain Hagos Misgina

By EthioMedia

Major General Hassen Ebrahim Mussa is the 
United Nations Force Commander of the Interim 
Security Force for Abyei.
Captain Hagos Misgina was a military officer with the UN peacekeeping force deployed in Darfur, Sudan.

Trained as an engineer, he was hopeful one day he would be working for the military industry or else with a civilian company in Addis Ababa.

Almost every month, Captain Hagos would call him mom that he has sent her money, and she should collect it from a bank in Adigrat, the biggest town from Alitena, the town of the beautiful Irob people.

Her son was the only means of income that has kept her alive.

But at one time in 2011, Emama Hadas failed to receive calls from her son for over three months. It was very, very unusual for Captain Hagos Misgina to abandon his mom who had no one to help her but him.

Emama Hadas informed those family members near and far, that her UN peacekeeping son has disappeared, and they should start asking for his whereabouts.

The journey started from searches in Adigrat to Mekelle, and from there to Addis Ababa where the Defense Ministry that deployed the officer to Sudan is located.