Ginbot 7 says it has established bases within Ethiopia


Patriotic Ginbot 7, an armed group fighting the Ethiopian regime from its base in Eritrea said its forces are present deep in Ethiopia and that they have intensified their attack against TPLF forces.

Speaking to ESAT from Eritrea, spokesperson and head of political affairs for the group, Mengistu Woldeselassie also said PG7 fighters have taken part in the resistance movements in Gondar in the past few months and is working with other self organized armed groups that are fighting the regime.

The spokesperson said his forces have carried out successful attacks against regime forces in Kabta Humera, Dansha, Addis Alem, Abderafi and other areas in northern Ethiopia.

He said contrary to the propaganda by the regime that says the attack was coming from Eritrea, PG7 fighters are inside Ethiopia fighting TPLF forces.

Woldeselassie denied claims by the Ethiopian regime that its forces have killed several fighters and arrested dozens last month.