Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan: A Tigre Posing As Oromo For A Purpose

The TPLF has announced a “new” TPLF/Tigre regimes cabinet members through the puppet Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn. By all means they have tried to pretend that this reassembled group is more technocratic than political and less TPLF than it used to be. They said they abandoned cluster and PM advisory ministerial positions to avoid the perception that the regime was a really a TPLF/Tigre supremacy institution.

First of all PM Tigre advisors such as Abbay Tsehaye, Arkebe Equbay, Tsegaye Berhe, Birhane Gebrekiristos, Getachew Aseffa, Getachew Reda, Samora Yonus, Sibhat Nega, Breket Simon and the like have not gone anywhere. They are still there surrounding the puppet PM more tightly and more closely than any time ever. They just have gone underground. One obvious salient character about TPLF is that they are shroud and adaptive.

Secondly, the now one full year old regeneration of popular uprising in Ethiopia was demanding for a total regime change, not for change of some ministerial positions. But even if we focus only on the change in ministerial positions, one asks whether the ‘new’ TPLF is less political and less TPLF.

Let us have a closer look at what has remained in full control of the TPLF after the current ministerial reshuffle or recycling:

1. Samora Yonus (Tigre), Chief of Staff of the TPLF regime’s Defense Forces, a position that has been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

2. Getachew Assefa (Tigre), Chief of TPLF regime’s National Intelligence and Security Services, a position that has been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

3. Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan (a Tigre posing as Oromo), Minister of TPLF regime’s Foreign Affairs, a position that has been reserved for the TPLF for the past 25 years.

4. Debretsion Gebremickael (Tigre), Minister Communications and Information Technology.

5. Asmelash Wolde Sillasie (Tigre), Head Minister of TPLF regime’s parliament.

6. Kasa Tekleberhan (a Tigre posing as Amara), Minister of TPLF regime’s Federal Affairs.

7. Ahmed Abitew (a Tigre posing as Amara), TPLF regime’s Minister of Industries

8. Fetlework Gebre Egziabher (Tigre), TPLF regimes’ blanket Minister of Urban Cluster.

9. Abreham Tekeste (Tigre), TPLF regime’s Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation.

10. Eyasu Abreha (Tigre), TPLF regime’s Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

11. Commanding Tigre Generals of all TPLF regime’s regional military commands, positions that have been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

12. Commanding Tigre military heads of all TPLF regime’s operational, logistics, administrative and training military departments, positions that have been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

In a nutshell, TPLF/Tigre regime’s control and supremacy much more widespread and consolidated more than ever. The TPLF/Tigre regime is now in absolute control of the military, the security, the economy, the foreign relations, and the parliament. The new TPLF/Tigre regime’s cabinet reshuffling and reorganization is only a deception. As a matter of fact, all and any changes in cabinet positions has been made to make the TPLF/Tigre regime more assertive, more controlling, more corrupt and more brutal.

Workineh Gebeyehu Woldkidan is a clear manifestation of this deception. Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan is Tigre born in Shashamanne area. He joined the TPLF/Tigre regime’s torture chamber known as National Intelligence and Security Services in the earliest years of TPLF/Tigre regime’s control of the country. The TPLF/Tigre regime sooner made him to wear an OPDO mask and they moved him to Oromia region to oversee the widespread torture, murder, detention, raping, disappearance of hundreds of thousands of innocent Oromo people.

Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan fulfilled or over fulfilled his genocidal mission in Oromia, and the TPLF/Tigre regime appointed him as TPLF/Tigre regime’s federal police commissioner for over a decade. As TPLF/Tigre regime’s federal police commissioner he directly participated or oversaw the murder, detention, torture, raping, and disappearance of many more hundreds of thousands of innocent in Ethiopia.

Now the TPLF/Tigre regime has made this notorious Tigre mass murderer their Minister of Foreign Affairs. To add insult to injury, they lied to the whole world by posing him an Oromo national, when he is not.

Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan is probably the first notorious mass murderer, torturer and rapist to be awarded a position of the toppest diplomat of a country instead of appearing before a court of law to answer for acts of war crimes and crimes against humanity that he has committed. Death to TPLF!