Why Norwegian politicians are supporting Ethiopian dictator?

Why Norwegian politicians are supporting Ethiopian dictator?

Norway is known for its humanitarian and human rights support. It has been involved in trying to solve many of world conflicts and is trusted by world community as a mediator. It is the first country to appear in helping at any world catastrophe anywhere. The Norwegian people are generous to support aid companies like Norwegian People Aid, Red cross, UNICEF and Norway is the major donor of UN.

Whereas; in recent years, Norwegian authorities are damaging such huge image Norway has world wide. It is ridiculous how the Norwegian politicians travelling to Ethiopia praise the Ethiopian authorities. The Norwegian Prime minster Erna Solberg has recently praised Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn for the development work he did.

But the Ethiopian authority led by prime minister has ordered killings of thousands of Oromo and Amhara protesters

Only on Irrecha 2016 at Bishoftu, the Ethiopian authorities have ordered the killing of over 1000 persons on the spot.

Over 300 000 people detained in Tolay military camp last week while Børge Brende, the Foreign Minister of Norway was visiting Ethiopia. He chooses to praise and promote Dr. Tedros for his works.

The Ethiopian authorities are confiscating land from farmers and people loss their property and family daily while Norway choose to sell its fertilizer to Ethiopia via Yara company. Yara gave a price to the late Meles Zenawi for his good business partnership. Meles Zenawi detains farmers who failed to pay for the fertilizer they were forced to buy.

Norwegian authorities are today in favour of Ethiopian dictators. There is no need of more evidence to witness what the Ethiopian authorities are doing to their people and the harsh human right violation than just reading a report by Amnesty International and Human rights Watch.

Why the Norwegian authorities choose to stand with the dictators than with people of Ethiopia?

I think the source of the information to the Norwegian authorities is distorted and corrupted; agents (lobbyists) are involved. What is the relation between these authorities?

The office gathering information about different countries in Norway is called Land info. This office prepares information on the situation in Ethiopia and other countries. Often they travel to a given country and gather information about the real situation and the Norwegian authorities use this as a reference to give aid and for policy towards that country.

What went wrong when it comes to Ethiopia?

One of the employees of Land info who used to travel to Ethiopia for such a purpose and brought “trusted” information for Norwegian authorities and even often stand as a witness in many court cases for of Ethiopian refugees has recently moved to Ethiopia for good. This time not for information gathering; he felt in love with Ethiopian authorities and now have started his own travel agency. Just imagine how someone can start his own company in Ethiopia. No one can do so without the involvement of authorities in Ethiopia and even without authorities getting their share in the company. This is the hard evidence we have.

I am sure that this man is working as a lobbyist for Ethiopian authorities and he succeeded in his job. What blindfolded the Norwegian authorities to such a catastrophe in Ethiopia and make them support dictators is beyond my imagination.

I have one message to Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Børge Brende:

As Norwegian citizens who came from that part of Africa, I am ashamed of what you did. I have not elected you to stand with dictators. I elected you to keep the Norwegian tradition of supporting the oppressed people.

You stood with the dictators and damaged the Norwegian reputation. Time passes, the Ethiopian people will win over TPLF dictators who are led by one single ethnics. Ethiopian people will not forget this injury inflicted on them by western allies of the dictators!