Not Late to REPURPOSE the upcoming Oromo Leadership Convention to Oromo Activists Convention

By Abbaa Ormaa

In TPLF’s Ethiopia, being born Oromo is punishable by death and incarceration. Oromia is now a slaughter house for the minority Tigray-led government in finfinnee . The so called “command post” under the State of Emergency is nothing less than institutionalizing the killings of Oromo by the Agazi and a cover to implement the so called “Addis Ababa Master Plan”. The State of Emergency decree by the TPLF elites made it clear that it is there intent to break the Oromo people to submission. It is upon every Oromo soul to do everything in his/her capacity to make sure that the minority Tigray-led government in Finfinnee goes to the dustbin of history before it fulfils its evil plan. There is no other choice! Unfortunately, we are seeing distractors on all sides engaging in a pity politics as usual.

The pending so called “Oromo Leadership Convention” has met much opposition from within the Oromo community and outside groups. I care less about what the outside group has to say but the concern expressed by the Oromo people should not be ignored. Many activists alike publicly and privately expressed their concern on the timing and the process by which it is put together. This is not a time to compete with each other or rush to jump in front of the political class. Instead of competing, let us build each other! It is a time to work together and find a way to be the voice for the people. There will be time and place for all inclusive respectful discussion to be had on the future of the Oromo people and Oromia. Many People fear that it distracts the Oromo people and give ammunition to the enemy . Even there are some that go as far as claiming that it has OPDO’s hand in it as some of the organizers have strong ties with OPDO.

Whether we like it or not, what is at stake is not only the future of the Oromo people but also the rest of the people in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa. We have to be cognizant of this fact and bear the responsibility in our political discourse. Whether the Amhara elites admit it or not, the fate of Ethiopia is not in their hand. The Amhara elites had their time and squandered the opportunity several times over. It is up to the Oromo people to make or break Ethiopia to their liking.

My unsolicited advice to Jawar and the organizers of the upcoming convention is that since it might be too late to cancel, there is ample time to re-purpose the convention and accomplish something that is constructive. Here are my unsolicited suggestions for the re-purposed convention:

First , writing a new charter for OMN to return it to its glory days should be priority number one! After a hostile dismantling of the founding board and complete overtake by Jawar Mohammed, OMN drifted from its mission of producing “original and citizen-driven reporting on Oromia” to producing Jawar-driven reporting on Jawar and promoting Jawar Mohammed. It is a common sight to see leading headlines like “Breaking News: Jawar Mohammed is speaking at the London Conference”. It will not be long before we see Jawar giving analysis on Jawar’s speech on OMN. It is an open secret that only reports and news approved by him hit the screen. Many of the broadcasting member left OMN and the door started to revolve faster than the news cycle. As a result, OMN has been on the down trajectory for some time now. This days, few people bother to even go to OMN for news. The few times they watch OMN is when it is linked-to by other news media outlets. Here are my recommendations regarding OMN

  • Liberate OMN as a true Oromo media not just by name also by deeds. Staff it with competent journalists and take the shackle off-of their hand and allow them to do their job.
  • Instate accountability as this is a public enterprise operated by Oromo money Clearly delineate your role in the media. It is hard to be an activist, a journalist , and an executive of OMN 
  • Nothing short of complete overhaul will dry up the support and eventually OMN will be replaced with the next generation of true Oromo media. Mark my words on this!

The Oromo people must stop financing the current misguided OMN and look for alternative unless corrective measure is taken immediately.

Second, this gathering can use this opportunity to discuss ways in which to bring together Oromo activists and strategize ways to increase awareness of the Oromo struggle for justice and to expose the massacre visited on the Oromo people by the minority Tigray-led government of Ethiopia.

Third , this gathering can prepare a general frame work for global Oromo leadership convention that is all inclusive at the appropriate time in consultation with Oromo political organizations and everyone invested in the Oromo cause.