Armed Conflicts Reported In Eastern And Northern Ethiopia Despite State Of Emergency

By DeBirhan

Diaspora based Ethiopian media outlets are reporting about armed conflicts in Ethiopia’s Eastern Oromo and Northern Amhara regions.

In Northern Gonder, armed conflicts between government’s new State of Emergency Command Post and local farmers since last week has reportedly claimed the lives of several government soldiers. The report states that the cause of the clash was the attempt by government soldiers to disarm the farmers, who use their weapons for self-defense and protection purposes.

In Mino Town, Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, conflicts between local Oromo farmers and government soldiers as well as Ethiopia’s Somali regional state soldiers has also cost the lives of several people from both sides.

The cause of the clash was said to be border and resettlement related.

Ethiopia is being ruled by a new Command Post composed of senior TPLF security officers. Ethiopia has declared a State of Emergency in October 2016 after anti-government protests.
Details coming …