TPLF army commander for Harar and Dire Dawa shot dead by his own soldiers

By Ethiomedia

A TPLF army commander in charge of major towns in Eastern Ethiopia has been shot dead by one of the soldiers under his command.

Major Atsbeha Asghedom, chief of army operations in Harar, Haramaya, Awadai, and Dire Dawa, was killed by one of the Oromo soldiers under his command, according to an Amharic news report by journalist Kinfu Assefa.

Meanwhile in Dilla town, capital of the protesting Gedeo zone, a police commander was killed by Agazi government security forces, local residents have told the media.

Known for their cruel measures, the Agazi special security soldiers entered Dilla after the town went through three days of destruction to looting and burning, and summarily executed Mr. Kebede, the Gedeo zone police chief.

The vicious attacks spearheaded by Gedeo citizens in Dilla, Wonago, and Fesseha Ghenet were aimed at attacking the Amhara and Guraghe people, and were directed to carry out the crimes by ruling party cadres, local sources said.

The Amhara and Guraghe families have fled the area with many taking shelter in the wilderness. Agazi is at the moment taking extrajudicial measures, sources said, and its arrival in the town after three days of war and destruction was the create the feeling of a "savior" among the people, who already know that it was the government and ruling party that it was stirring ethnic hate and conflict in the country.

Government and party officials fled the towns in Gedeo and were staying in Awassa, a major city in almost all of southern Ethiopia.