The US Embassy In Ethiopia Asks Public For “An Ethiopian Vision” On Facebook And Here Is The Response

By Debirhan

USAID, ‘which wishes to protect its very sizable investments on development in Ethiopia,’ and the Department of Defense, ‘which values its security partnership with Ethiopia and appreciates the helpful role that Addis has played in advancing regional security in places like Somalia and the two Sudans.

A recent article on ISS Africa shows that the U.S. has a lot of interests in Ethiopia beyond its political and strategic ties with the current Ethiopian regime since it mediated its ascent to power in 1991. Herman Cohen is a living witness.

There several more intricate and important issues that the US finds itself ok with the current government, one being “stability”. The stability card is now fully dashed due to the #AmharaResistance and #OromoProtests.

The U.S. has not so far voiced a strong criticism or even dared to suggest sanctions or international probes against the Ethiopian regime even though over 1000 anti-government protesters died in the last 11 months.

Ethiopians, aware of the U.S. relationship with the current regime and its leverage, have been taking to social media to criticize, comment or call the attention of the U.S. government. The U.S. Embassy’s Addis Abeba Facebook page has been the main venue for this. On October 7, 2016, just 20 hours before the writing of this article, U.S. Embassy’s Ethiopia Facebook page 500,000 followers, which has nearly asked the public for their “Ethiopian Vision”. This conversation is posed a weeks after the same Facebook page engaged Ethiopians on the same Facebook page.

There were around 500 reactions on the post, it was shared over 600 times and received 500 comments in the 20 hours.

Here are the two comments/ visions that recieved the most likes from the public.

Will the U.S. and the DAG listen soon enough?