The legitimacy of the Ethiopian government is gone a long time ago

By Girma T.

Arrogance and Ignorance are two simple words that best describe the policy and the poltical strategies of the Ethiopian government mainly dominated by minority Tigre ethnic group from the northern part of Ethiopia in response to the demands of the Oromo people and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

The Oromo people along with Amhara representing about 55% of the Ethiopian population have been protesting the poltical and economic marginalization by the minority Tigre ethnic government who is about 6% of the Ethiopian population.

The Oromo people severely impacted by the minority rule have staged public demonstrations for equality, Justice and genuine representation in the political process of the country.

In return, the government emboldened by the indifference of the Western powers about scores of human rights violations embarked on killing, torturing, harassing and imprisoning thousands of innocent Oromo and Amhara people. Daily extra judicial killings, abductions and inhumane tortures of countless people go on in many prisons and concentration camps across the country.

To highlight some of the barbaric acts of the Ethiopian government, in Oromia region, the soldiers have executed a 9 month pregnant woman when they couldn't find her husband at home despite her pleas to save her life and unborn child.

In Dembi Dollo, soldiers executed a young man and beat his mother by making her seat on her son's body.

In a prison named Kilintto, the government forces set a fire deliberately on the prison house where thousands, mainly Oromo political prisoners imprisoned and executed fire fleeing prisoners for their lives. Actually, most of the prisoners were trying to put out the fires when they were gunned down.

Most recently, on Oromo Thanksgiving aka Irreecha celebration, where over Two Million people gathered, the government security forces spread chemicals from the helicopter and fired at people indiscriminately in which stampede and bullets killed over 500 people. It's a premeditated and preplanned cowardly killings of innocent people by barbaric regime that knows nothing but killings and torturing.

The arrogance and ignorance of the Ethiopian government is beyond reasoning. Instead of responding to the legitimate demands of the Ethiopian people, the government continues its atrocious acts on the Ethiopian people. The rulers from 6% of the Ethiopian people naively believes that it can extend the grips and one ethnic domination through killings and intimidation of 94% of the Ethiopian people.

The TPLF cronies, push their false propoganda of distorting the genuine demands of the Ethiopian people. They blame the Ethiopian diaspora and the foreign enemies for the public uprisings due to their oppressive regime. They blame it on "anti peace elements," They drum up the catchy phrase of fighting terrorism to milk the foreign aid and military support from the Western countries.

Lately, the OLF is added to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation aka make up stories that pleases the TPLF junta. You won't find an ounce of true journalism in EBC.

The government's scapegoats; OLF, diaspora, anti peace elements etc....did not work. People continued their protests and being gunned down daily and thousands suffer in concentration prison camps with no access of any Humanitarian Organizations and the UN human rights body.

It's foolish and political suicide on the Ethiopian government side of not responding to the demands of the Ethiopian people for justice, freedom and equality. The people's power will eventually defeat the oppressive regime of Ethiopia.

What the TPLF dictators forgot is that the Oromo people and OLF are two sides of a coin. Blaming OLF as terrorist is an old poltical strategy that won't work anymore. To call an OLF a terrorist is calling the majority of the Oromo people a terrorist. To blame the government incompetence to resolving the people's poltical, social and economic grievances on diaspora and foreign elements is a true measure of the arrogance of Ethiopian government blinded by ethnic supremacy of the Tigrean elites.

The message clear and loud from the Ethiopian people to the government. The government has no legitimacy and competency to govern any more. The legitimacy of the Ethiopian government is gone a long time ago. Hand over power to the people. Justice will be served for the countless atrocious and inhumane acts on the innocent Ethiopian people.

Down down Wayyaanee! Dow down TPLF!