Indian Professor in Ethiopia: An Appeal to the International Community about Human Rights Situation

An appeal to International community on the pathetic situation of human rights violation against Ethiopian Oromo people.

I am an Indian, worked as a professor for about 5 years since 2011. All these days, I never felt that Ethiopia is a democratic country. I never saw any kind of freedom to the public in Ethiopia. The government is running against the principles of democracy. I felt it as totally dictatorship government with autocratic policies.

They conduct elections for name sake to elect their nominees only. For name sake that is for the sake of international funds from UN, UNDP, US and EU. They named their constitution as Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, but it is totally autocratic government. As senior professor, I was surprised to note that how the US, UN, EU and UNDP are kept silent where there is no freedom for the people, killing the people who ever raise their voice for freedom, no transparent news media, control over internet and telecom media and no support from the government to protect public against hunger and poverty, but brutal killings that to massacre killings. Public are living similar to the refugee camp of some other enemy country.

When public protest in a peaceful and democratic way, no warnings, no lotty charge, no water shelling, no tear gas, but directly shooting by the police of government on the chest or head of the public. I wonder how the government kills its own people?

It is certainly racist government or fascist government where TPLF police are brutally killing the Oromo people. Under the cover of so many hidden and pseudo reasons, the Ethiopia Government is misleading the entire international community, I believe.

When people were brutally killed by the Ethiopia government, like a Hitler govt, why the international Humanitarian organizations are keeping silent. The international community and Human right organisations must come forward to assess the facts without any prejudices. It is very hard to know that how the human beings are killed by other human beings on political revenge, that too how the government kills its own people brutally.

As an economist, well known to White House and Obama governance bureau, I have a question how the international community praises the growth of the GDP in Ethiopia, by ignoring the extent of free funds received by the Ethiopia from international community, that too when there is no transparent performance assessment of any kind at any level across the Ethiopian governance.

It is very clear that all the funds received from the international community are diverted to maintain the excessive police force rather than to the public welfare. I saw the people at rural areas who are suffering for piece of bread and piece of cloth, where there are no incidences of visiting to those areas by the government and its representatives.

I saw at several government offices in Ethiopia saying that ” Ethiopia need not answer to any foreign country”. I am surprised, how they can say like that when they are enjoying huge foreign funds for the development of their country. Definitely every foreign country giving funds to Ethiopia in any manner has a right to ask its performance on the development of people and related human rights.

I expect that an independent investigation is to be counseled immediately and all kinds of funds to Ethiopia government from international community must be stopped until the investigation reports are analyzed on the facts.

Thank you
Prof PC Reddy
Ex-Faculty in Ethiopia
Mob: +91-8790471108