BREAKING: U.S. citizen killed in Ethiopia


An American citizen was killed on Tuesday as a van carrying her and eight other foreigners came under attack as they were heading to a meeting.

Hospital sources say a stone thrown by unidentified assailants went through the back window of the van hitting the deceased, Sharon Ray, on the head.

The source from the Landmark Hospital in Addis Ababa also

said the van came under attack in Holeta, 26 miles from the capital Addis Ababa.

The source also said the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa has been notified of the incident.

Another lady who has sustained minor injuries was also treated at the Hospital and later released.

It is not clear if the attack is linked to the protest on Tuesday in the localities surrounding Addis Ababa. Residents in towns near the capital have staged protest rallies on Tuesday to denounce the killing of hundreds of festival goers in Bishoftu on Sunday at an annual cultural celebration by the Oromos.

Hundreds of ethnic Oromos and Amharas have been killed this year by security forces while protesting against the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia.