Why The World is Ignoring the Ethiopian Genocide by Ethic Tigrays?

Why The World is Ignoring the Ethiopian Genocide by Ethic Tigrays?

By Mengistu Musie

Why the world is ignoring Ethiopia (the Amhara, and Oromo’s) ethnic cleansing today? The ethnic representative of Tigrians called TPLF took a huge massacre in the province of Gojjam, and Gonder. The genocide currently going on by the cover-up of Ethiopian army, but the fact, as it is not hidden to the world is a Tigrian lead army currently on the killing rampage in Gonder and Gojjam.

The US and EU gives deaf ear and blind eye to the current genocide still pending. President Obama has actually made it clear that he is even comfortable with the fascistic ethnic apartheid regime of EPRDF/TPLF. He justified by showing support visiting the country that was claimed 100% elected by the citizenry. In good order after his historic visit 400 people killed by the same people who hosted his visit. Shame on Obama, a person claims from the Kenyan father a bordering nation of Ethiopia. People now dying, the world media are not covering. Which preventing the world community from this vicious act is failing on currently behind them. Which seems a well-orchestrated support from the United Nations, by the Obama Administration, and EU seemingly as they are on the side of the killers for the record of neglecting or not acknowledging the going on massacre. Another historical default by the world body UN, as common as the Clinton administration ignored the genocide of Rwanda and Burundi, here we get the Obama administration even financed the genocide by making financial and armament support to the slayers. It is a historical default once again as the Clinton administration did in 1994. The Obama and his crew are staunch supporters of the Ethnic minority fascist rulers of Ethiopia, which can be broken by one phone call.

Despite an oral commitment to preventing the Rwandan kind of race murder in Africa. The western nations, including the front financiers of TPLF/EPRDF regime the US Administration and Britain purposely ignores one of the century blood baths of Ethiopian people. And Britain no inclination to even acknowledge the genocide still going on in Norther two provinces of Ethiopia. In-off-the record, Ethiopians across the world our cry in front of the US, EU and other governments of the states. We let the world know by showing actual pictures which are on the record of these countries and their regimes. So far none has been exerted to prevent the 1940s type of Nazi genocide in Ethiopia.
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