(Video) Ethiopian protesters take over TPLF embassy in London

Ethiopia protesters get into London embassy


In a video posted on the Facebook page of an Oromo activist a small group of protesters can be seen entering a room in what appears to be the Ethiopian embassy in London.

At one point they turn a portrait of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi upside down and somebody kicks it.

Speaking in Amharic, they can be heard advising each other that they should not damage it.

Then someone takes out the old Ethiopia flag and tries to drape it over the current one.

“This is illegal,” an embassy official is heard saying.

A protester responds: "This is not illegal. It is an Ethiopian flag. We won’t damage anything. People are dying for this flag."

“We know the government flag and we know the Ethiopian flag,” another protester says.

"You burn our compatriots like a torch. We came here to demand their blood,” a third one is heard saying.

The embassy official responds by saying: “You can provide your requests but it should not be like this. It should be peaceful."

The Ethiopian government is currently facing protest movements in the Amhara and Oromo regions.