TPLF supporters need to stand with the people before its too late

Tigrayan supporters attending the 40th Anniversary of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Mekelle, Ethiopia, 18 February 2015

By Netsanet LeEthiopia

It is so sad to not find a single man or woman from the TPLF--which is a regime from one ethnic minority of Tigray--which is controlling the whole parliament in full scale and the country in symbolic government, to withstand the wrong doing by the party. It is so sad to see purposely planned burnings of houses, prison houses, shops, human lives, and properties by TPLF, the supposedly government, in broad day light and during night.

It is very sad that Ethiopia finds no single man from the government party to say something about the very criminal activities. It is very sad Ethiopia that Ethiopia finds no single church leader who can speak about the illegality and wrongdoing activities by the TPLF regime. It is conveniently very sad to see a Papal inclination to a dictatorial regime which is massively distabilizing Ethiopia by selectively coehrcing certain ethnic groups such as Amhara, Oromo, Konso, Gambella...

It is very sad that Ethiopia has many political parties or organizations, other than TPLF, but no leaders from each one can't raise a single concern publicly about the Ethiopian crises as we speak. It is this time/during such time/ that political leaders, church leaders (it doesn't matter which church the leaders come from), public figures, artists, student associations, active elders, activists, and the likes supposed to come together under one umbrella or table and voice for the voiceless.

It is so sad to see people whom the current leader emerged from are not speaking up for the truth abd about the ongoing crises on other brothers and sisters of different ethnic background. It is so ironic to see people and the regime/party who claimed inferiority and hence came to overthrow the preceeding regime participating in a criminal activities that are not matching, by any standard, to the one they claimed to be abusive or suppressive. What a manner of TPLF and Tigre Agazis?

It is so sad to see people being adamant to speak up on the very sensitive issues going on in Ethiopia. It is even disturbing to find not so enough people to participate in critical decision points, such as signing petitions for good purpose, about our country. It is so sad to find many individuals who pay great sum of money for mysic and other party or concert and spend a great deal of time on social meadia but unable to sign free petitions willingly and pationately. It is so so sad for Ethiopia to have many great individuals who have great ideas and views anout anything but when it comes to the Ethiopian issues in conversation they would tell or refer participation or denouncing wrong activities related to TPLF as politics? What a cancer?

First of all, the world itself is politics anyways. Whether we participate or not, the world has different economic, social, and cultural bases in which politics is equally integrated with apparently. We may not notice it but politics is one entity among many sectors in our life.

We need to wake up, stand up, step up, move forward, think in optimistism, align ourselves with reality and loyality to reality, and work on our weakness for better strength.