Tigrians in the Diaspora call TPLF to step down

By ESAT News | September 21, 2016

Tigrians residing in the Diaspora called in a statement that the TPLF regime to step down and for the people of Tigray to join the uprising by Ethiopians in other parts of the country against the TPLF tyranny.

The Tigrians, who reside in North America, Europe and elsewhere across the globe also called for the establishment of a transitional government.

The 36 signatories, who also include ex-leaders of the TPLF in its guerilla days, said in a statement issued Wednesday that they have launched a campaign to raise awareness on the part other Tigrians to augment their contribution in the effort to bring about regime change in Ethiopia.

They made a call to their Tigrian compatriots to expose the crimes committed by the TPLF in the name of Tigray. They further urged the people of Tigray to be vigilant not to fall in the traps set by TPLF, which they said, is trying hard to give the movement by the people an ethnic dimension.

Tigrians need to denounce the killings perpetrated by the TPLF against the rest of Ethiopians, they said.

According to the signatories, the solution to the crises in the country is to remove the TPLF, which has a monopoly over the security, economy as well as political power in the country, and establish a democratic system on its tomb.

The current leaders of the TPLF, the statement said, do not have the moral high ground for their claims to be the guardians of the interests of the Ethiopian people as their initial plan was to separate Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia and establish an independent Tigrian republic.