Somali Presidential candidate promised to expel TPLF army from Somalia if elected

- New Parliament will elect the President on 30 October.
- More trouble ahead for the Dedebits.


Former Mogadishu mayor who is contesting for Presidential candidate has promised to expel TPLF envoy from Somalia if elected President.

Speaking to the members of his party during vote hunting mission Ahmed Mohamud Tarsan (pictured) has said Tigray liberators are always working towards the destruction of Somali people and therefore cannot be peacemaker.

"They killed my brother and many other innocent civilians in Mogadishu, he said.

'I will kick their envoy out during my first day in office,' he said.

Justice and unity party leader criticized how TPLF envoy named General Gabre is dictating Somali politics for Somali leaders.

"Hiran and Middle Shabelle people should reject the TPLF interference in the administration.

He added that the government failed in the establishing just regional administration for them, Tarsan was among Somali leaders opposed to the intervention of TPLF troops to Somalia in 2006.

The next parliamentary elections in Somalia are scheduled to be held between 24 September and 10 October 2016, and it is scheduled that the new Parliament will elect the President on 30 October.