Out-of-date and out of touch: The sun is setting for the TPLF and its affiliates!

By Gutu Olana

Out-of-date and out of touch! Being extremely repellant and devoid of relevance, it took me a great patience to listen to the mantra of the guardians of a repressive (but degenerating) system – Abay Tsehaye and Seyoum Mesfin – in their interview with FBC (Fana) on the current crisis in Ethiopia. Given the substance and the intonation of the interview, and these individuals’ apparent influence in TPLF (the master of EPRDF), one can’t help but be amazed at TPLF’s disconnection from the reality on the ground, and its narrow self-interest and unwarranted pigheadedness. Are they such a clueless people?

We should note that they speak the heart and mind of the TPLF, whose only vision for Ethiopia is maintaining the unbearable (and unsustainable) status quo or the destruction of the country. With no hesitation, Seyoum recasts EPRDF (which we know is TPLF to the core) as having “no substitute”. With a mixture of arrogance and numb faces of frustration, Abay repeatedly calls the people demanding their rights “backward” and forecasts a doomsday scenario, beyond the magnitude of Rwandan genocide, and the impossibility of staying as one country post TPLF/EPRDF. Let alone their fascistic actions against innocent people, this idea alone calls for a united struggle that works not only for removing the regime from power but also envisions a country with strong institutions that outlives the demise of any party. There is every sign that the sun is setting for TPLF/EPRDF. As the night befalls the regime, the oppressed people should work together to realize the imminent dawn of freedom for all!

Let it be clear to all that for any impeding disaster, God forbid, the regime that held the political space in monopoly and with state violence for the last 25 years is primarily responsible. A regime that prepared the grounds and put in place the recipe for destruction cannot purge itself of responsibility, although responsibility and accountability are alien concepts to their world of thinking, or rather unthinking.

After listening to the TPLF old guards’ nonsensical ideas and non-accommodative position even this late in the crisis, I decided to quote the following from my earlier post:

“What a desperate state in Ethiopia! The minority (TPLF/EPRDF) regime of Ethiopia is trying to stop people’s desire and willpower for change by looking away from the real problems and by framing people’s demands wrongly. They turn peaceful protests into violence and blame “anti-peace elements.” This futile exercise shows the regime’s (and its cohorts) unpreparedness and incapacity to look beyond their narrow, self-interest. They also attempt to belittle a legitimate and extraordinarily popular demand as if it were illegitimate and a minority quest. This too will not alter the true nature of the problem, and the right approach it is calling for. The deep-rooted political and socio-economic problems of Ethiopia cannot be addressed by anything less than a fundamental shift of power in favor of the people. If recognizing a problem is halfway to the solution, I would say, not recognizing it will double the problem.”