Oromia 'Presidents': TPLF’s Insult and Contempt for Oromo People

Oromia “Presidents”: TPLF’s Insult and Contempt for Oromo People

By Ambo Dambobaa

How does Oromia get its ‘presidents’ from? The Oromo people are always kept in the dark as to who their “president” will be, as to when they get one and who installs their ‘president” and for how long their “president” would be in office.

Hasan Ali just popped up as Oromia ‘president’ in 1992. He disappeared all of a sudden in 1995, that is, he was humiliated and forced to exile. Kuma Damqsa appeared in 1995 and disappeared in 2001. Then came Junedy Sado as Oromia’s 3rd “Presient” only to get off the hook in 2005. Abba Dula Gammada showed up as Oromia “president” in 2005 and was let go in 2010. Then came Alemayehu Atomsa only to leave not only Oromia but also the planet earth itself in 2014. Oups! Muktar Kedir popped up as the next “president” of Oromia in the same year. On September 20, 2016, he was no more and on the same day Oromia got Lamma Magarsa, its 7th “president”.

One thing is common to all Oromia ‘presidents’. The Oromo people do not know who they are, who installs them, how they are installed, and when and why they leave office. In his recent interview with OMN, Oromia’s 3rd “President” Jenydi Saddo admitted that every thing including the hiring and firing of Oromia “presidents” is exclusively decided by the TPLF/Tigres.

In present day Ethiopian Empire, TPLF/Tigres are masters and all the rest are slaves. TPLF/Tigres have absolute control over:
- the military, security and police
- broadcast and print media
- export and import trade
- real estate and housing construction industries
- banking, financial and insurance industries
- manufacturing industries in textile, cement, medicine
- customs, tariffs, and clearances
- telecommunication industry
- Agro Industry supplies including fertilizers, seeds, machines, tractors
- Air and land transportation including Ethiopian Airlines.
- Etc

All Government auctions and purchasing processes are prepared and handled by Tigres. Only Tigres win all Government auctions all the time. Tigres do not pay taxes and customs duties. In all Government services, Tigres always get first and best treatments. All the rest are served after Tigres are satisfied.

Tigres do not need any licenses to carry guns. Tigres can gun down any person they want with impunity. Tigres are not detained or charged for any crime. There are less than 11 Tigre prisoners in the whole Ethiopian prisons. One compares and contrasts this hundreds of thousands Oromos that are languishing in prisons. Ethiopian prisons speak Afaan Oromoo.

There is no hunger or famine in Tigray any more. Millions of Tigres that used to be beggars are now milliners. Millions of Oromo farmers have become beggars in their stead. Oromo farmers are evicted from their ancestral any time a Tigre national wants to take the land. A Tigre national can just drop by and tell an Oromo farmer to pack and leave because the Tigre wanted his land. There is no need of advance warning, any compensation or an alternative place to go for the Oromo other ethnicities after they are ruthlessly evicted..

Tigres can kill, torture, detain, evict or rob THE Oromo and other non-Tigrian ethnic groups any way, anywhere and any time as they wish with impunity. They gun indiscriminately gun down children on their way to and from school. They can lock hundreds of prisoners in prisons and set fire on Oromo and other prisoners of conscience. They can kill a child, force his mother to sit on her son’s dead body and torture her into pieces.

So, in TPLF ruled Ethiopia, “All Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Are Equal”; but TPLF/Tigre warlords can install and dispose Oromia “presidents” like trash.