Let's create a better Ethiopia rather than a beggar Ethiopia

By Obang Metho

We in the SMNE will do whatever we can to work with all the people of Ethiopia and hope that others who support the TPLF/EPRDF, will come to the realization that this is the only way forward that gives us all a future.

To accomplish these goals, we the people must acknowledge the historical past with its injustice towards different groups of people, but we must also look forward to building a better future for all. We should also be willing to give up something for a bigger cause.

There is a price to be paid for a better future. It will cost us something which may include forgiveness, humility, compromise, and putting behind us some of our past grievances.

The Ethiopia we have now under the ethnic hatred policy and ethnic apartheid regime is not good for the majority of Ethiopian people; for example: the unemployment, the killing of our young people, the arresting of thousands Oromo, Amhara and many others Ethiopian, the displacement of the people like the Gambella regime and others from their land, the outflow of Ethiopian women to the Middle East as maids, the lack of a future with hope in Ethiopia which should make us think about why we are choosing to work as factions rather than together.

We the people must ask why we are settling for so little when we could collaborate by doing our share rather than giving the burden to only a few. Together we could create a better country—more unified than divided, more livable than inhospitable and more caring about others than selfish about our own interests.

If each of us really took the initiative and was willing to commit to doing our share, we could be able to create a better Ethiopia rather than a beggar Ethiopia.

May God help more of us to realize that we are one family, the Ethiopian family.