Is VOA acting like kangaroo court to exonerate Woyane offenders?

Is VOA acting like kangaroo court to exonerate Woyane offenders on the expenses of Ethiopian victims?

Woyane will die unceremonious death soon so its sorry Mafia operatives but, unless the political elites’ superficial knowledge dies with it, we Ethiopians will continue to struggle to secure our freedom and liberty.

Written by Teshome Debalke

False confession, conversion and exoneration of Woyanes to thwart Ethiopian democratic revolution from ending the corrupt ethnic Apartheid rule on make-believe Medias is getting out of hand. In a nation where a Mafia regime is running amok with firearms in the wrong hands to shoot-and-kill our people and gasoline to burn down the country if it doesn’t get its way, the last thing Ethiopians expect from so called Medias is to act as kangaroo courts or a platform to exonerate Mafia offenders on the expenses of the victims instead of being advocates for the truth.VOA Amharic walking a tight rope in Ethiopia

The recent VOA drama playing Kangaroo court presided by reporter Tsion Girma acting as Judge to vindicate Junedin Sado, the Former ‘fake’ (his own word) Oromyia President of TPLF led Apartheid regime is another debacle of the out of control Media operatives violating their journalistic oath and mandate.

The staged VOA kangaroo court’s testimony (interview) not only gave the offender a platform to declare his innocence on all crimes against the people of Ethiopia and the nation without his victims presence to confront him but, the charges of promoting a radical Islamic sect his own ‘fake’ regime brought against him – contracting and incriminating himself and his former regime he willingly served for 15 years in both charges.

On the first allegation, he admitted serving ‘fake’ Federal regime playing as Oromo President and in the second, he confess not only receiving fund from the Saudi Embassy cultural attaché but, many of his Muslim compatriots did with the knowledge of the regime – further incriminating the Mafia regime he served for allowing the Saudi government involvement in expansion of religion sect throughout Ethiopia in direct violation of diplomatic relation and against the law — no interference government let alone a foreign in the religion affair of the nation.

Such explosive allegation from a man that came out of his hiding to spill the beans about the ‘fake’ ethnic Apartheid Federal regime should alarm Ethiopians in general and Muslim followers in particular. Moreover, VOA’s reporter Tsion Girma and associates’ motive to stage such a drama with a colorful Woyane man coming out of his hiding to tell-tell the extent the ‘fake’ Mafia regime involvement with the Saudi government to finance the expansion of religion should be examined extensively. Is Tsion Girma VOA and associates implying the Ethiopian Muslims movement for freedom of religion associated with the Saudi regime or is she opening religious front to further polarize Ethiopians to sustain the Mafia regime?

If VOA credential is an indication, there is no question there is something fishy going on that requires every Ethiopian attention. Given VOA reporters on the ground (in Ethiopia) failed to generate a single independent reporting on the ongoing Ethiopian revolution or on the Mafia regime atrocities and corruption in general throughout its reign, there is no surprises in what they do. But, in this particular case, putting up a drama with the long forgotten former Woayne in hiding without his victims that flee from terror of his former regime is not only crime against humanity but, cover up the extent of the Mafia regime crimes against Ethiopians.

Quit honestly, the numbers of Make-believe Media playing as kangaroo courts- platforms with clandestine journalist-operators acting as judges to exonerate offenders of all kinds quadrupled in the recent past and getting out of hand. What they are doing now is the tip of the iceberg to come to undermine the people’s revolution for their democratic rights and justice by trampling on the blood of Ethiopians being spilled by the regime with impunity.

Moreover, by muddying the political water further thus, poisoning the ongoing grassroots revolution; the campaign to sustain the status qua is in full gear. Fanning TPLF made up conflicts and polarizing Ethiopians further to make it look like the sky will fall if the Mafia group masquerading as government bit the dust or if their own twisted agenda not accepted is populating the make-believe Medias in the cyberspace.

It appears, the political elites are not yet done slicing-and-dicing Ethiopians’ rights to be free from dictatorship. Therefore, the long awaited simple solution of sorting out criminals from the innocent in body politics Ethiopian demands is taking an ugly turn again on the make-believe Medias playing kangaroo courts and pseudo journalists acting judges and mediators than the important public service their profession demands.

The same people that were part-and-partial of the problem the Mafia group brought showing up to be part of the solution is unfortunate. But, in their trifling minds, they not only think Ethiopians have no democratic rights to decide our fate or deserve justice for the pain-and-suffering we endured from Mafia group masquerading as government and others but, not capable of sorting out our own problems without recycling the same offenders. Once again, it shows the incompatibility of the elites’ interest with people of Ethiopia. And, nowhere is it evident than in the make-believe Medias run by clandestine pseudo journalists. Where is the justice for the people in that?

But again, what we can learn from political elites of our time in general is; the application of their superficial knowledge made them oblivious to what legitimacy means and the mandate that comes with it. Noting exhibits such incompetent and arrogance than VOA reporters/journalists (among them the Former VOA reporter/journalist and the present mouth piece of the Mafia group Mimi Sebhatu) that slice and dice the meaning of legitimacy and the mandate or the responsibility that comes with it.

Speaking of the queen of defamations Mimi Sebhatu’s recent tantrum on the ongoing revolution and on good governance analyzed in her little mind would make any decent person throw up. But, when you think about it; she isn’t the exception but the rule of the elites’ superficial knowledge that drive them to believe; the Ethiopians rights and liberties rotates around it. She happen to have access to trumpet her superficial knowledge because she serve the Mafia group like many to lesser extent that gave her the microphone.

As we witness the make-believe Medias’ clandestine operatives agonize to thwart the ongoing Ethiopian revolution and undermine the patriots of the struggle, we should remember what the humble hero of the struggle Feyisa Lilesa said speaking on behalf of Ethiopians. The moral superiority of the humble young Ethiopian breaking Woyane’s barrier speaks 1000s of words than what all the political elites’ failed to do all these years.

The moral of the story is, just because one have access to magnify superficial knowledge to serve a Mafia regime or any interest group doesn’t earn her-him creditability or the right to own the truth. Woyane will die unceremonious death soon so its sorry Mafia operatives but, unless the political elites’ superficial knowledge dies with it, we Ethiopians will continue to struggle to secure our freedom and liberty. And, the shortest and the easiest way to end the proliferation of superficial knowledge is to end the make-believe Medias’ clandestine operatives from promoting it and defending and supporting real Medias to bury it for good.

After all, Woyane came and remained to cause unimaginable havoc because of the make-believe Medias amplified the political elites’ superficial knowledge not the other way around. Therefore, the sooner Ethiopians identify the make-believe Medias and their clandestine operators trumpeting superficial knowledge in general and the Mafia group in particular as the root cause of the problem the better Ethiopians will be.