Ethiopians in LA hold up TPLF consulate office in protest

By ESAT News

Ethiopians outraged by the cruelty of the TPLF regime in Addis Ababa hold up a consulate office in Los Angeles, California on Monday for about 45 minutes. They were protesting the massacre of innocent civilians in their home country by the brutal TPLF regime, which they accuse of taking the nation hostage.

Over a thousand people were reportedly shot and killed by regime forces this year alone while protesting in the Amhara and Oromo regions as well as other corners of the country where people have been demanding an end to a quarter century of brutality, domination and marginalization by a minority oligarchy.

The protesters put the Ethiopian flag all over the consulate office removing the flag with the regime’s emblem and also hang pictures of innocent citizens murdered by the regime on the walls of the office.

Mesfin Hailu, a protester who spoke to ESAT, said the consulate office has not been used as a place for diplomatic activities but as a business center for the corrupt officials and cronies of the TPLF, whom he called bandits that do not represent Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Samson Debebe, another protester urged Ethiopians to stop doing business with the corrupt regime, which he said is benefiting from blood money looted from Ethiopians.

Ethiopians in London, Washington, DC, Frankfurt, and Stockholm similarly held up embassies in their respective cities in protest against the massacre of peaceful protesters by a ruthless regime.