A response to Tigrai Online

A response to Tigrai Online

By Walelign Kebede

My Ethiopian friends, I recently read an Amharic article posted on Tigrai online a Pro-TPLF News website. The article was titled as “ምነው ጎንደር! የእናት ጡት ነካሽ መሸሸግያ ሆነች ?”this Article accuses Gonder as a hideout for terror and Gonderins as terrorists. It also portrait’s the recent public uprising in Gonder as a threat against Tigreans. To counterattack this recent development, the writer points out historical facts that the very survival of Gondar was due to the prominent role played by the people of Tigrai. the writer, G/Tsadik Kebede mentions Micheal Suhul, Emperor Yohannis IV, and the current regim’s positive role in the history of Gondar.

With his sheer ignorance of history, Geberetsadik proudly mentions Micheal Suhul’s role in replacing law and order during a royal power struggle of 18th century Gonder. The writer, praised Ras Micheal Suhul’s mediating role during the palace power struggle, in helping Emperor Iyoas to retain power and averted a danger that could plunged the country to a protracted civil war. However, the truth was the antitheses of this mere fact. Michael Suhul was not known for mediating but in meddling in the royal upheaval.

It is remembered that #Michael suhul of Enderta after he got access to the royal palace of Gonder by a marriage arrangement with one of the royal daughters, he became royal assassin in the Gondar palace. With his Machiavellian political skill, he became a king maker by assassinating one emperor after another. Unlike Gebretsadik’s argument, rather than restoring peace and order in the royal palace, Micheal Suhul’s assassination of the last Gonderine Emperor, Nigus Iyoas, plunged the country to an endless civil war for the next hundred years which was remembered as the period of Zemene mesafint.

After assassinating three gonderine imperors Finally Michael Suhul was defeated by the combined Amhara and Oromo forces at the battle of Serbakusa in 1771. Unlike the writer’s analysis this is the ugly history of Micheal Suhul and I strongly advise Gebretsadik to go back and read historical facts.

Having said that, let me return to the role of #Emperor Yohannis’ role in the history of Gondar and Ethiopia as a whole. As I stated above Micheal Suhul had pushed the country to a period of darkness and turmoil. We all remember Emperor Tewodros ii from the province of Quara emerged to restore the unity and glory of the country by defeating each provincial lords who were squabbling for power and laid the foundation of the country we love today. However, Emperor Tewodrs’ short lived to see a strong and unified country. Unlike Tigri on line’s courageous mention of emperor Yohannis,

Yohannis stood on the dark side of history and betrayed Tewodros and Ethiopia. He became a mercenary to British colonizers and led general Napier’s army to Meqidela where Emperor Tewedros fought bravely and took his own life.

Again it is also clear for Tigri online how the people of Gondar has suffered during TPLF regime. Hundreds had vanished and suffered in secrete detention centers like Dedebit. It is also clear that the TPLF regime has ceded large swats of fertile land from Gonder by crossing the Tekeze river and annexed it to Tigri. Many have been evicted from their ancestral land, others were vanished in thousands.

The Tigrian military Junta has bulldozered ancient historical, archaeological and burial sites in the Waldba monastery and turned it to commercial agricultural field. It has become a day to day experience for the people of Gondar to be jailed and tortured. it is due to these recurrent miseries and suffering that the people of Gonder decided to take the streets and ask for their constitutional rights.
Opposite to your portrait of the people of Gonder as “የእናት ጡት ነካሽ መሸሸግያ”, it is an open secrete for the people of Tigrai that, the people of Gonder have been warmly accepting Tigrians with generosity, affection and open arms for centuries.

My brother Geretsadik, you may argue that some business and individuals might have been singled out during the current public uprising. I would say this actions were quite legitimate but very minimal. These businesses were agents and messengers who were hiding, snooping and sponsoring the Agazi kidnapping squad which is killing innocent people. Gebretsadik also shamefully linked these innocent demonstrators with ISIS.

Tigrai online let me ask you this, who represents the evil actions of ISIS? The Agazi military squad which is killing innocent people, committing genocide in Wolqait, Tsegede and Humera or the unarmed people of these areas who peacefully requested their historical and constitutional rights? The answer is clear.

I have a clear message for Tigrai online and other Tigrian media and politicians, who have been preaching conflict and division for the last 25 years. Against your wishes, From Wolqait to Moyale, the Ethiopian people is now saying Enough is Enough. The time has come for Tigrai online and TPLFs.