Western medias must do more to cover Ethiopian regime's mass killing of civilians

By Kefayalew Getu

Dear Sir/Madam.

Over the past 20 years we have tried to tell independent medias around the world to have aired the crime committed by the TPLF government that is increasing from day today. Unfortunately, no one had given it any attention. Now Innocent Amhara people are being murdered by "TPLF" special-force called Agazi by torturing and shooting "in cold blood". And yet, the international community doesn’t seem giving value to humanity.

The principles of the rules of law have been rendered useless and the implementation is totally wrong or in a racist way if at all implemented, terrorist acts by the government against its own people are becoming normal for Ethiopians. Ethnic violence as well us land grabbing is rampant.

At different occasions, many Amhara people have been killed and injured. The people of Amhara in Gondar are trying to protect themselves because of there is no a government to protect them. Recently in more than 70 people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in Bahir Dar city. The protest was to ask the government for freedom, justice, and democracy but the TPLF government denied those basic rights. The way of our struggle appropriate and legal! Where have we gone wrong? When we get killed by the Hitler (TPLF), we kill back to defend ourselves and that is a natural gift. When you try to kill a snake it will protect itself by its poison. As simple as that.

I would like to ask the all independent international medias and Human rights organizations to cover the tragedy in Ethiopia, Amhara region. The TPLF regime has declared war on Amhara people and is massacring innocent civilian Amharas. The international community should know that TPLF is committing genocide in Ethiopia, on Amhara's people, like Rwanda. But I know that the TPLF regime will pay all the prices. We cannot stop our struggle until we have freedom.