TPLF is facing its biggest crises because it mistook Ethiopian people's patience as a sign of weakness

By Tekele Markos Fashe

Thinking of Ethiopian Politics. Now the country is in deep political crises. From Gondar to Moyale or from smaller group from Surma to the larger groups across the country are not only angry but also bitterly disappointed with ruling regime. It is natural bitterness; nobody can do anything about it. People who are abused and ignored and tried to ask their right are treated like alien forces in their own village. That is what they call revolutionary democracy, and that greatest political invention made only in Ethiopia.

People have been really patient regardless of so much political agitation from inside and outside the country. People understood that no one gains a thing or two from violence/chaos. Our neighboring Somalia is damaged because of clan rivalry and thus people of Ethiopia don’t need to read a history book to get a lesson. However, the regime gets crazy and took the patience of people as complete weakness to walk on it forever. They shamelessly declared 100% victory of democratic election not once but twice yet they act as if they are vanguard of diversity politics. By doing so they nulled all our statistical and social science knowledge. They call themselves revolutionary democrats, the term they barely comprehend it and thus, they attempted to build a new feudal nation on the premises of confusion. However, what we see is robbery or trading people’s poverty. Thus, our people hoped to gradual change but what they got is humiliation. Some elites who courageously joined difficult but peaceful political competition regardless of their ideology or region all are labeled terrorist or something that doesn’t reflect any individual or society they represent.

I lived, studied and worked with all kind of people in Ethiopia. For me all are very good people but we may have different views on issues, which is normal and natural. I haven’t seen any single individual let alone group of people with terrorist mentality. So I don’t believe there is any terrorist politicians on Ethiopian soil. For example, if I have chance I couldn’t explain any better than Bekele Gerba as far as open land grab with the pretext of development is concerned. Had EPRDF had a true government character that stands for people, they would have consulted him or people like him to solve the problem he elegantly explained on national TV in few minutes. But he is a terrorist and I have no idea how can someone go to the bed and sleep peacefully by putting people like him and many others into worst jail in the world with false worse dehumanizing charges. If he is terrorist then who isn’t? There is no way for natural leaders to emerge in this environment and this is a curse for many generation-costs the nation or the continent for that matter for many years to come. Our youth are surrendered to non-productive political crises that ruling elite created. Intact, young people elsewhere are working hard to solve their respective societal problems with modern knowho; however, our people including those in diaspora are occupied by endless political argument. The mess is accumulated for long time and many people in different places tried to their best to show the mess but their attempt never ended with reward but harsh punishment.

This time people in Oromia region opened up the mess and still they are trying their best to show the whole world what is going on in their region and in the country. Consequently, the dead bodies of young men, childern and pregnant women we have seen on social media for longtime is really upsetting. Nevertheless, the answer seems still bullet, more bloodshed and coercive political propaganda. I wonder how long will they fight with people who want to live just peaceful life in their own village with natural freedom and anything that comes with it.

There comes colorful demonstration from Gondar that anybody admire and love it. They call it illegal and anti constitutional. If people of Gondar are able to arrange that kind of colorful and peaceful demonstration without the help of local or federal government why do they need constitution or government of any kind or anything that prevents that kind of togetherness or against anything on their way? Constitution or any law isn’t bigger than people. They are simple, contractual papers that reflect the will of majorities even in the democratic nation. Thus, ruling elites listen to the people and people only. For last 25 years you only listened to your own voice while you have time to listen our youth who are hungry of everything that is normal to young people anywhere in the world. Thus Oromo youth took the courage to open the mess, and People of Gondar framed it, now it is now the time to everybody to fit in the frame and to clean the garbage from each corner of the country. However, make no mistake simply because of major role TPLF in the EPRDF let's us not propagate hate propoganda to Tigryans. Nobody really knows the true feeling of majorities of Tigryans in the country where there is no free poll let alone free election. In my opinion if TPLF was good for Tigryans, it must have been good for neighbouring Gondar or down in south. I am not arguing with glaring facts that major beneficiaries as hugely corrupted guys are not TPLF supporters. Corrupted individuals are not only TPLFlities but they are all over the country.This is not secret to anyone but for political consumption some people are deliberately fuming such dangerous propoganda. Once it is out of hand, we will create a dangerous crises than the crises we have at hand.

For ruling elites, I personally appeal to stop killing innocent people and free all political prisoners. You have tried for 25 years and that is very long time in politics. I am sure not all of you are bad guys and I appeal for good guys amongst you to join the people to peacefully solve all problems. Modern politics is an art of negotiation. We need hard working and talented leaders who may emerge with competition in peacefully contested election not the kind of people now in EPRDF who are barely gathered to do nothing but harming their respective society for the sake of their prosperity. Our people have suffered a lot among all human races on the planet and civil war doesn’t make sense at 21st century.