TPLF Criminal Regime in Ethiopia is Committing Gross Mass Murders In Oromia!

Oromo protesters confronting regime forces

By Dursaa Bunee

Warning to the International Community and People of the Whole World: The TPLF Criminal Regime in Ethiopia is Committing Gross Mass Murders In Oromia!

Thanks to TPLF invader mass murderers, children, women, students, teachers, farmers, civil servants are being gunned down in close ranges by TPLF Agazi and federal cold blooded killers everywhere in Oromia. This is happening as we speak and it is happening day and night. Only in the last 2 days, the TPLF has committed barbaric mass murders in Awaday, Baddeessaa, Hirna, Qobbo, etc, and in several other town in Hararge, Arsi and Borena. Also people being murdered by TPLF Agazis and Federals in all districts of Shewa, Wallaga, Guji, Bale, Iluabbabora, Jimmaa, Qellam, etc.

While the TPLF is shading Oromo civilians innocents like rivers, the world is watching quietly. Not only watching, countries like USA, UK and EU are directly funding and financing this open genocide on Oromo people by TPLF armed gangs. World leaders like Barack Obama have in fact openly endorsed by declaring that these TPLF criminal mass murderers were “democratically elected”.

No governments in Ethiopia have come to power by elections. Never ever, much less the TPLF criminal armed junta that took power in 1991, they were able to take power only by violently murdering indiscriminately hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Since then, the TPLF criminal mafia have mass murdered, tortured, detained or committed forced disappearances and exiles on hundreds of thousands more in Oromia, Sidama, Ogaden, Gambellaa, Amara etc.

The TPLF is committing open, active and widespread genocide in Oromia and the rest of the Ethiopian empire save Tigray. While I was writing this note, I was listening to women and children crying and screaming in Borena, East Harerge and West Arsi as TPLF agazi and federal snipers pouring countless of live bullets on them.

I know, the whole world will keep giving deaf ears to these agonizing voices of innocent Oromo children, women, farmers, students and teachers. But I have to just remind the world to take note.

The Oromo people should rise up against these barbaric mass murders in all over Oromia and condemn the TPLF criminal genociders. Also all other peoples in Ethiopia should come out and denounce these war crimes and crimes against humanity by the TPLF criminal junta. The International Community including the USA, EU, AU and the UN must warn this criminal junta to stop the active genocide it is committing on Oromo people immediately.