Time for Ethiopians to unite to stop TPLF's genocide

The call to articulate a project for freedom and justice in unison for Ethiopia

By Dibaba Tesfaye

Ethiopia is at a very dangerous juncture today. Our past history has been one factor which brought us to this very dangerous time. Why? Because the ruling class in Ethiopia in the past did not attempt or worked hard to unify the country around a common national vision and goal. They did not work for unity under the principles of justice, and freedom for all. Unity can only be possible where there is justice, freedom, respect for human dignity and life, fairness, opportunity for all. In the absence of these values and governing principles, it’s inconceivable to unit people with different cultures, languages, religions and psychological makeup and historical experiences.

To govern plural society such as Ethiopia is without justice is the most dangerous venture. That is what we are witnessing today. The divisions, hunger, mistrust, torture, and all conceivable brutalities unlished by the cruel TPLF regime on all the nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. The TPLF regime is the continuation of the past unjust and unfair ruling system in the Empire state of Ethiopia which has not been able to transform itself from empire to a democratic republican nation state.

Now, the Elites of the country need to articulate in unison a program for a true and genuine democracy and just political system to free their people from this grave and dire situation in Ethiopia. In the past, the elites have been lost touch with the people. They have been talking to themselves and bickering among themselves on political scoring which has no significance or importance to free their people from oppression, subjugation, exploitation, impoverishment, hunger, starvation, torture and enormous sufferings.

I call upon all the political and economic elites of Ethiopians to come together with an Enlighted mind and clarity of thought to build a strong and unified vision to liberate all Ethiopians from subjugation, oppression and injustice endured by their people. Ethiopians need peace, freedom, liberty, autonomy, dignity and justice. Without just and fair political and economic system, the demise of Ethiopia is very near. I am afraid to say this. The current brutal and terrorist TPLF regime wants this to happen to Ethiopia in due course and soon. Otherwise, it shouldn’t have pursued a policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing the Ethiopia people for the last twenty five years and still continued against the Oromos, Welkayt, Gambela and Ogaden people.

So, to avert this dangerous TPLF regime’s policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing. All Ethiopians must act in unison. Our division and our inability to unite under a common vision and purposes has brought us to this very ugly situation. The indignations and sufferings endured by all Ethiopians has been the result of weak political leaders and the elite’s complacency to what has been taking place in the country for the last twenty five years. Act, together to save our country if you really care about your country from your heart. A conducive and right time has arrived. Capture it with your intellect and full heart.

My deepest and warmest regard to all