The quiet EPRDF meeting and its decisions

By Qegnie

EPRDF executive members just concluded their meeting in Addis on the 21st of August 2016. The main discussion point in the meeting, according to sources, was the current situation in Oromiya and Amhara. Before the EPRDF meeting, TPLF had its executive committee meeting in Mekele and discussed on how they can control the current problem and punish whom they think are responsible for it. None of the other affiliates (ANDM, OPDO, SPDM) had their executive committee meeting during the summer. So the meeting of EPRDF executive committee was simply to pipe TPLF’s decisions through EPRDF to implement it in all the regions: a typical tyrannical procedure in EPRDF’s decision making.

The current uprising of the people in Ethiopia is the result of accumulated injustice and mistreatment by the ruling party. Any keen interest to resolve the problem will at least require to recognize this and explore backward and forward in search of the causes and the solutions to the problem. However, that is not the issue for TPLF. For TPLF, they had a very successful decade of looting Ethiopia and building Tigray. They are celebrating their achievement in causing misery to the rest of us and joy to the people they think are special. The way they characterize the problem and the causes of the problem, and the solutions they proposed once again proved TPLF is a fascist colonizer who simply demands its subjects to be looted peacefully or get killed. I will prove my assertion by analyzing the decision points of EPRDF after its five day closed meeting. First I will summarize the main decision points of the meeting. Then I will reflect on how I understand what TPLF mean in these decision points.

One can summarize the whole thing in the four pages of EPRDF’s press release into the following four points. Here is the link to the full document for those of you who want to read the packed statement in Amharic.

  1. EPRDF brought development to the country, especially after the split in TPLF (Tehadeso). The development registered in Ethiopia by EPRDF is mainly due to a government leadership that exclusively stands for the benefit of the people.
  2. The current problem in Oromiya and Amhara is mainly caused by limitations in some of our leadership: some in the leadership circle are showing a tendency of using government power to enrich themselves and that is what caused the problems.
  3. With great respect, we appreciate the struggle of the people to ensure the continuity of the development process in the country and urge the people to continue their struggle in this respect. We take full responsibility for all the problems created without any externalization to the problems.
  4. By the way, beware of the anti-peace domestic and foreign elements who want you to fight along ethnic lines!

Now, let us look in detail what these statements mean in TPLF language.

EPRDF brought development: what they want to tell us here is that since we are bringing development to the country, you should not be questioning any of our misdeeds. In the first place, they are the one who drag the country into a spiral of endless conflict and war. Second, TPLF is a narrow nationalist party that works to benefit one area at the expense of the other Ethiopians. Why do they need to have absolute control on the army, intelligence, the economy, the media, all Federal and state government structures including the judiciary? If they are following a government – led development model like Korea as they claim, why do they have EFFORT exclusively for Tigray? Korea or China didn’t exploit their peasants to channel the resources to some specific ethnic group. Dewoo belongs to all Koreans. EFFORT? This is not a government led development, it is fascistic exploitation model to benefit your tribe. Third, if we have to choose between the two, we choose freedom over any form of development that turn humans into 21st century slaves.

No questions that some progress is made in the country in some sectors of the economy. The question is who is benefiting and who is not? In a normal democracy the level field is set for all to play fair and square. Under such scenario, some will make it to the top, some remain in the middle, and some will stay at the bottom. This is normal. However, when people are targeted to succeed or fail by design based on their ethnicity that is fascism. Who is having access to capital, land, and all the support system to succeed? Who is being eliminated from the competition field by dubious tax policy? Whose youth are being forced to go into exile? Whose youth are being supported to go and prosper all over the country? Whose companies are getting big public contracts directly and indirectly through a third party? Whose loan is being written off and whose property is being confiscated? These should be the questions to ask and discuss if the motive was for a real solution.

On the root causes of the problem: TPLF wants us to believe that the current uprising is simply people asking for more development and some corrupt Amhara and Oromo officials standing in-between them and the people. The unrest is not due to few corrupt people that TPLF want to use as scapegoats. It is more than that. TPLF, through well-articulated plan and structured leadership, created a system that benefits only themselves and their tribe. This is a well-documented fact and a reality on the ground. People who put together this country and defended it for centuries are now marginalized and reduced to the status of slavery in their own land. It is a fundamental question of being a citizen or a slave in your own country. No one is going to believe you on this. Even the world is now understanding how you cheated them all these years and revising their policy.

About the corrupt party officials to be eliminated soon: Here they are referring to the mules in ANDM, OPDM, and SOUTH. It is a long established practice by TPLF to recruit sellouts and retards as cadres and promote them to leadership position based on the dumbness they exhibit as they give service to TPLF. In Amhara and Oromiya, regional governments are always warned not to be cozy with their elites. The brave and bright of the region are always pushed out from the region, and the dumb and second rated encouraged to stay. If by chance a devoted hardworking person survived all the screening and started to show some result, then he or she will be cornered in all angles and given three choices: get-out and live quietly; go into exile and do whatever you want to do; or you will end up in prison or graveyard. This is a true TPLF policy crafted by their dead evil leader. Very few (with great survival skill) survive all these hurdle and able to contribute to the advancement of the people they come from. I have a strong admiration to those in OPEDO, ANDM, and SPDM who are going through all these hurdles and able to challenge TPLF’s fascistic policies. These are the “corrupt” party officials TPLF is referring to get rid of in the coming days.

Which bread of “revolutionary democrat” officials are welcome in TPLF’s Ethiopia? The Mules! Mules are not only the dumbest and shortsighted breads of their kingdom, they are detached from their population too. They are not aligned to their father or to their mother. Simply they live to please their belly, and they are always for the barely thrown to them after each service. The main task TPLF assigned to the mules in the three regions is simple but crucial to its existence: to pass on organized information to TPLF so that any “chauvinistic” or “narrow nationalistic” sentiment is detected at early stage and crashed by TPLF security forces. They are the early warning systems of TPLF. Therefore, what they are going to do next is to get rid of the leadership who aligned itself with the people and promote mules of the utmost dumbness.

Who is “forcing the people to fight along ethnic line” TPLF still thinks that Ethiopians have no brain at all and we don’t remember what have been preached to us for the last 40 years. Who want to capitalize differences and destroy any commonality between ethnic groups? TPLF. Who threatened the people with Interhamoye style ethnic cleansing if not elected? TPLF. Who was the informant when thousands of people imprisoned and killed after the last democratic election? Shall I say Amharas? Who is directing security forces whom to kill, whom to take to prison now in Amhara and Oromiya? May be the Oromos? Did the proud people of Amhara and Oromo raise their hands against this informants despite the repeated attack by them? I don’t think so. Who is controlling the media, religious establishments, and community organizations preaching day and night about the evilness of Amhara and Oromo? TPLF. So how is it even possible for the chauvinists and narrow nationalists to reach the people and divided them along ethnic lines to fight each other. Why the people are not listening to the gospel of TPLF even though they are being preached day and night? Answer these questions TPLF before pointing fingers to the others.

If there is anything like chauvinists and narrow nationalists at this point in time, it is in Tigray and Tegarus. But Tigray and Tegarus, no matter what, they are always the angels in TPLF’s eyes. The truth is that TPLF needs the chauvinist/narrow nationalist card in Amhara/Oromiya regions to get ground to involve itself in the affairs of the two regions. First, that gives them a kind of moral ground to “convince” the mules that TPLF (the guardian angele) must be involved in their affairs for the health of the democratic system. Second, the card will be used to “punish” defecting mules without any tangible explanation to prove their crimes. Third, it will make the mules to live under constant fear, fight each other (within the mule kingdom) for survival by winning the trust of their master. That is what is all about chauvinist and narrow nationalist labeling in Amhara and Oromiya regions.

In conclusion: in the eyes of TPLF the country (Tigray) is advancing as planned and no need to introduce change. What they are going to do is reinforce the tools the dead fascist leader left for them, gather some more best practices from Hitler and the Jewish state and unleash their dogs of war to suppress us. For us, it is a matter of living as slave or as a free man. We will continue to fight for our land and people. We are not divided, we are not weak, and we are not scared to fight the war that we are forced to fight.

Victory to the people!

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