The Mouthpiece of TPLF, Aiga Forum, Goes Berserk

Aiga Forum: the mouthpiece of TPLF

The Mouthpiece of TPLF, Aiga Forum, Goes Berserk.

By Abel Kebedom

Every Ethiopian Citizen knows that Aiga Forum is the mouth piece of TPLF minority regime. To make it clearer, it is the Proxy of the Adwa Mafia running the TPLF Army of looters in Ethiopia. However recently Aiga forum seems in disbelief, confused and bewildered by the continuous uprisings of the Ethiopian people in Oromya, Gondar and possible end of the Adwa mafia leadership reign in Ethiopia. Its comment appended to the BBC news titled “Ethiopia protests: What's behind the trouble in Gondar?” and later deleted (comment removed by request 08-01-16) is a strong testament to that confusion and bewilderment. The deleted comment hinted on the following major issues.
  1. The current discontent in Ethiopia is due to TPLF passing the leadership torch to unprepared EPRDF leaders.
  2. The Amhara killil leaders are in cahoots with the protesters.
  3. The Woyane revolution should not be defeated by the protesters.
  4. Warned for a possible war between Amhara and Tigrai.
  5. Highlighted that the current discontent in Ethiopia is as a result of incompetent TPLF and EPRDF leaders.

Let’s analyze each of the topics listed above.

1. The current discontent in Ethiopia is due to TPLF passing the leadership torch to unprepared EPRDF leaders.

TPLF is known for trying to quell popular uprising by replacing people in power. It happened recently in Oromia and the above comment might be a hint to what is going to come next in Amhara Killil. TPLF could be preparing to bring previous retired leaders back to leadership. Overall this could lead even to bringing the TPLF, Andem, and OPDO old guard back to power. Recently Ethsat reported that there was a secret meeting of TPLF retired army commanders in Addis Ababa. Again that fits to Aiga forum’s Tantrum and possible TPLF strategy to continue its domination in Ethiopia. The major question is can those measures answer the popular question of the protesters that demands for an end to the TPLF minority rule in Ethiopia?

2. The Amhara killil leaders are in cahoots with the protesters.

The above statement indicates that there might have been a friction between ANDEM and TPLF. The fact that TPLF continues to dominate ANDEM, through federal interference, and was able to send its militia to Gonder, without the knowledge of ANDEM, might have been the last straw that killed the camel. TPLF actions are clearly an embarrassment to ANDEM. In fact, the protesters in Gonder blamed ANDEM for TPLF’s continuous mistreatment of the Amhara population. That includes TPLF’s annexation of Wolkait, which was traditionally under the Gonder (Begemider) administration.

3. The Woyane (TPLF) revolution should not be defeated by the protesters.

The above statement highlights the fear of TPLF followers and economic beneficiaries that the current uprising in Ethiopia might end up reversing the minority TPLF rule in Ethiopia. As we all know, in unpresented move and previously unseen in Ethiopian history, TPLF has worked hard to help manyTigrean’s to accumulate ill-gotten wealth and occupy key positions in the federal government based in Addis Ababa. That includes in immigration, Airports, defense, foreign, finance and taxation departments. Many of the Tigreans dominating these key institutions are related to the people in power. Hence when Aiga talks about the Woyane revolution, it is a code word for the Tigriean economic and political domination in Ethiopia. A domination that undermines the 94% Ethiopians and gives the opportunity and wealth to the one percent of the 6% minority Tigreans. Overall Aiga is calling for measures that will help TPLF to maintain the status Quo.

4. Warned a possible war between Amhara and Tigrai.

This is an indication that either Aiga forum is losing its mind or it might be thinking way ahead of the current situation in Ethiopia. Unless Aiga is thinking beyond the horizon, it is impossible for the Amhara and Tigrai people to go to war while TPLF is sitting at the helm of power in Ethiopia. However, it is common knowledge that if Ethiopians reject the barbaric minority TPLF rule, TPLF intends to retreat to Tigrai and using article 39 to effectively establish a country called Tigray. That is possible only if TPLF secures Wolkaite Tsegade from Amhara killil and gets access to the Sudan. That means in the future, because of Wolkaite, there might be a war between the Amhara state and Tigrai state. That could be what Aiga is talking about.

5. Called TPLF and EPRDF leaders incompetent.

After the Death of the king pin of tribalism, Melese Zenawi, it was widely expected that the corrupt, myopic and Tribal Tigrean minority regime, which is filled by ignorant Albanian Socialism followers, may not be able to control Ethiopia. The new thing is for Aiga forum to accept that reality. Borrowing words from Ambassador Herman Cohen, “A minority Regime Cannot Bring development”, TPLF cannot bring peace and development to a country as big and diverse as Ethiopia. Its nature does not allow it to do that. The result of marginalizing the most and trying to benefit the few is civil war and disintegration. The fact that the Army and police are refusing to take any action on peaceful demonstrators and TPLF is depending on the Tigrean dominated security forces and Agazi army to do the job shows that the fault line in the government is getting bigger and bigger. Hence there is a big possibility that the current conflict could end up being a conflict among Tigrean, Amhara and Oromo solders in the Army. That is a very dangerous but plausible scenario.

Overall, the comment posted on Aiga forum and later deleted (comment removed by request 08-01-16) shows the confusion, anxiety, disorganization and possible realization of after 25 years the TPLF domination in Ethiopia may be coming to an end.

However, the surprise should not be whether TPLF rule in Ethiopia is going to end, but the way it is going to end.

Victory to the Masses.