The fake TPLF Ethnic Federal Apartheid regime finally left bare necked for the world to see

By Teshome Debalke

Can TPLF apologists swallow the bitter truth and spit out the poison they swallowed before their stomach turns volcanic to spew ashes?

I don’t think TPLF’s sorry operatives and ignorant apologists understand what the people of Ethiopia telling them. If they did, they would be begging forgiveness instead of killing and cheering binge of its death squads and lying mouthpieces.

I also don’t think the many political elites understand what the people of Ethiopia telling them either. If they did, they would be begging forgiveness for putting our people through the hell of TPLF mercenaries just because their motto is my-way-or-the highway instead of my peoples’ freedom, rights and liberties or the highway.

Have you ever wondered why TPLF has been killing and robbing our people all these years in the name of Tigray by now? You should have; unless and of course you have other agenda. It was obvious as day-and-night from the moment TPLF was conceived.

Have you also wondered why our political elites never claim they done wrong or confess their sin and ask forgiveness from the people of Ethiopia?
You see, the problem of Ethiopians is with the willing elites that see our people as pawns or commodities for their own ambition. Otherwise, how do you explain the incompatibility of what our people say with what the elites do?

It reminded me of what one TPLF apologist– a practicing physician in the D.C. area by the name Alemayhu (don’t know the last name) declared on a VOA Amharic program in the summer of 2005. He said; “the people have spoken” regarding the EPRDF regime’s May 2005 election 99.96% win while the real winners were suffering in jail.

I will never forget him the rest of my life and couldn’t wait until I meet the jackass one day just to know what kind of a person he could be or what drugs he is taking. Though his behavior is one extreme example of contemporary elite came to light you can imagine what our people up against with many others that contribute to the crises. I have written about many some out right hire hands mercenaries causing havoc.

For real the people of Ethiopia have spoken again and again held hostage in the ethnic Apartheid Region TPLF designated for them. The only thing they are saying is ‘our rights be respected’ (Mebtachen Yekber). The question is; are the political elites listening?

Obviously, the apologist elites of the self-professed occupation mercenary force known as TPLF are not going to listen for obvious reason that got us where we are now. In fact, they are insulting our people as terrorists, anti-peace, anti-development… as if they have the moral high ground but…

Likewise, the self-appointed representatives of our people can’t listen either because; they are not interested in the rights and liberties of our people for the obvious reason. In fact, many are bargaining the rights and freedom of our people for the highest bidder.
Who is listening?

If you are attentive listening; only the political elites that don’t claim to represent anyone without the consent of the people do. Far few in between; they are drowned by the loud demagoguery of others with an agenda.

Take for instance TPLF elites that still profess to represent the People of Tigray they held hostage in Tigray Apartheid Region. Can prison wardens claim to represent their prisoners claiming to be elected by 100% of the prisoners? You see how sorry jackasses they are to believe their own hoax and show their faces in public to tell it with no shame?

Wait, these same elites have the audacity to claim there is a government, a Federal as that, elected by 100% to represent the people of Ethiopia and, they believe and defend it with everything they got. Now tell me; if they don’t deserve to go to mental asylum. That is the reality Ethiopians lived under TPLF occupation led by mentally deranged elites pulling all kinds of hoaxes never seen in history. Believe me there are more elites than you think.

Regardless, over the years I proven; the so called Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is nothing more than a mercenary force masquerading as Federal Ethiopia to occupy-divide-destroy Ethiopians as we have been witnessing the last 25 years.

In many occasions I exposed; the clandestine TPLF mercenaries control all the political, social, legal, military, religious, Media and economic establishments in a cover of Federal Nation and Nationalities to accomplish their mission.

I illuminated, Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) ever since its inception was a front to get a foothold in Ethiopia in the name of Tigray for a mission. The fairytale history it created out of a tin air was to isolate and use the people in Tigray as a pawn and the Region as a base for its occupy-divide-destroy mission.

Likewise, the fairytale history of Amharas it created out of a tin air was also to isolate and use ‘Amharas’ from the rest of Ethiopians as a bogyman. And, the front Nation and Nationalities of victims it created was to confine Ethiopians in our designated ethnic cages to control, abuse, robe and kill without challenge as it has been doing for the last 25 years.

I explained why it created half-a-dozen ethnic parties and regions to legitimize Apartheid rule so that TPLF mercenaries can roam the nation as Federal judges, security personal, traders, investors… to violet rights, kill, rob and extort at will with impunity in order to accomplish its mission as we found out.

Beyond Ethiopia proper, I exposed; how the mercenary operatives infiltrated Ethiopians in the Diaspora as well as the international community as government officials, nonprofit and for profit operators in the name of investment, helping the poor and development to lie, cheat and extort expats and foreign national alike. I documented 100s of operatives running front institutions and companies to hoodwink, fleece and divide Ethiopians in diaspora as well as the international community.

All these years I followed, documented and reported TPLF Mercenary & Associates or as they call it EPRDF. I learned the sophistication of their propaganda, racketeering ring, money laundering scum, extortion and spying methods and the ways-and-means they played Ethiopians against each other to accomplish their mission.

As a result, TPLF created criminal class in the name of Tigray in order to undermine and hide behind an entire people as shield to protect mercenaries and crime syndicates.

Unfortunately no one want to admit the smalltime mercenary group duped them to get in and do anything asked against Ethiopians. I guess it must be human nature to flirt with mercenaries and crime syndicate believing there is an easy way to their ambition stuck in the mud in silence.

When the peaceful revolution spark nine month ago against the fake Federal regime all over TPLF instigated ‘Oromyia Region’, it left bare necked the front Oromo party (OPDO) to show; it is nothing more than a rubber stamp mercenaries of TPLF as we watched our people being slaughtered in the 1000s by the Agazi force posed as Federal security as it was designed. Now everybody knows our people are under TPLF occupation as they always have been.

With TPLF front OPDO rejected and out of commission, another unexpected revolution erupted in Gonder few weeks ago against the fake Federal regime all over TPLF instigated ‘Amhara Region’, it left bare necked the front Amhara party (ANDM) to show; it is nothing more than a rubber stamp mercenaries of TPLF as we watched our people being slaughtered by TPLF Agazi force in a cover of Federal security again; Now we know our people in the Region are under TPLF occupation as they always have been.

The occupying mercenary mouth piece Getachw Reda conformed the two people in the Apartheid Regions TPLF spent decades to divide and occupy no longer working.

As Ethiopians continue to end TPLF occupation one Apartheid Region at a time to break ethnic boundaries, it is high time the political elites listen good what our people are saying instead of reinforcing Apartheid that prolong the occupation.

But, what I hear from some of our political elites is outright disgraceful if not criminal. These are the kinds of elites that helped TPLF occupation to last as long as it did because they divided us by ethnicity not to fight back an occupation force. After all, how is it Ethiopians that defeated a much stronger Fascist occupier failed to defeat the mercenary TPLF occupation?

You can say all you want about the mercenary TPLF occupation but, the political elites’ refusal to see our people more than pawns for their own ambitions confined in the Apartheid region prolong the occupation. Sadly to say, contemporary political elites’ belief; their ambition comes first before the freedom, the rights and liberties of Ethiopians.

At the meantime, TPLF mercenary elites are agonizing to tell us; revolutionary Apartheid occupation is good for Ethiopians as long as they have no boundary from their self-designated Region they occupied and hide behind. It reminds me of the Fascist occupation where the occupier roam the country unhampered while Ethiopians were restricted in their designated ethnic region. Is that by coincidence Ethiopians are under a mini Fascist occupation of TPLF?

I am afraid the people are leading to end the occupation while the political elites are not even willing to follow. What a travesty when our people’s freedom, rights and liberties under a mercenary Apartheid regime occupation left unattended as long as it did.

If you ask me, the political elites must shape up or ship out to end TPLF occupation and dictatorship all together, there is no if-and-but about it. What is left is the courage of contemporary elites in general to say it loud and clear; our people’s democratic rights and liberties are more important than their ambitions pretending to represent or help our people while selling them for the highest bidder. For that, we have the mercenary TPLF elites that see, hear, and speak no evil helping the occupation.

Ethiopian didn’t ask anyone to represent them without their consent. Nor they asked no one’s hand out to survive under occupation. What they said remained; freedom to speak and help themselves. Instead of coming together to say we are with you; contemporary political elites became self-appointed guardians to speak on the people’s behalf.

It reminds me of the self-righteous international donors that pretend to help the poor by helping themselves and the dictators that made them poor. In a real world it is called sustainable opportunism but, in the fantasy land they exist; it is called sustainable development. I wholeheartedly believe our people are materially poor because of sustainable opportunism.

Isn’t that what our contemporary political elites are doing when it comes to freedom poverty of our people against their will?

Sustainable political freedom, for that matter economic freedom and the rest… can only come when our people are free from sustainable political, economic… opportunism of the elites.

Personally, I opted out of sustainable opportunism on the expenses of my people’s freedom and rights.

They say politics is the art of the possibilities. But, when I see many political elites make it the art of the impossibility as we are witnessing, I have to confess; I can’t in good conscious say they are any better than Woyane elites.

Therefore, to end TPLF occupation, the sustainable political opportunism is as bad as TPLF occupation. After all, TPLF was political opportunist (still is) before it became an occupation force.

Finally, the elites that babysit TPLF would be better off to abandon the mercenary occupier than agonizing to make it what it is not. At least, they should be brave enough to say; it is a Mini Fascist occupier in a cover of EPRDF and get over it. Just because they filled their bellies with stolen goodies doesn’t mean their brain seized functioning to make rational decisions to end TPLF occupation.

As I said before, there is a time for everything and a time to end TPLF occupation is now. There is no way around it.

The article is dedicated to Ethiopians who said NO to Woyane that showed extraordinary courage and love of people and country to tell the mercenary group known as TPLF to end its occupation. Shame on the rest that remain to bleed our people