Nine Of Bahir Dar’s 12 Horticulture Destroyed During Protests

By Debirhan 

Nine out of the 12 horticulture farms in Bahir Dar have been damaged due to last week’s protests, the Amhara Mass Media Agency reported.

One Dutch company Esmerlada estimated the total loss from the attack around Euro 10 million.
The Region’s Investment Agency Head told the media that the protesters targeted the horticulture farms avoiding three.

The horticulture farms are owned by foreign and local investors.

The horticulture had employed over 3000 people.

Neither the official nor the News report mentioned about the number of people killed or wounded when government securities took actions. VoA reported yesterday quoting an opposition party in Ethiopia that in the last seven days alone over 60 protesters were killed in Oromia and Amhara regions.

Ethiopian protests have already affected FDI in Ethiopia and the current political instability are likely to deter many investors from coming into the country.

Former government commanders turned investors like General Tsadkan Gebretensaye, who owns a $70 million worth Raya Beer Company in the Amhara region, have started demanding national dialogue and political transition fearing the same fate to their investments.

Meanwhile, the Amhara region’s TV reported that BlackWater Water storage reservoir near Enfraz, North Western Ethiopia, Gonder was also burned down during the protests.

The Google Translation of the story about the damage on Esmeralda is attached below:
Esmeralda Farms flattened in Ethiopia

Hans Nephews
31-08-2016 13:10

By arson, the entire company of Esmeralda Farms in Ethiopia flattened. Director Loui Hooyman estimates that 10 million was spent on investment in smoke.

Hooyman, director of Esmeralda Farms, has not seen pictures of the damage and establish contact with their office in Ethiopia is difficult. “Our manager there temporarily fled and information about the unrest is hardly out. It is still uneasy around Bahar Dar, a city north of Addis Ababa. I understand that now ten companies, mostly horticulture, have been affected by the actions of groups that oppose the government. Now foreign investors are screwed that have had help from the government in setting up their business. A few weeks ago, local businesses that have a link with the government.There were soldiers on our business when the rebels came, they fled because the group was too large. Everything is then set on fire. ” Esmeralda Farms has 150 ha of land available to him in Ethiopia. The end of 2015 the first 25 hectares in production came. In the 17 ha foil greenhouse are grown mainly spray roses and outside plaster is the largest crop in the group summer flowers. “Three times a week we were in Aalsmeer trade within our location in Ethiopia. That was 30-40% of our turnover in Aalsmeer, the rest comes from our companies in South America. Now we can do nothing but wait until the weather is calm and inform our customers. ” The warehouse and cold storage were built on the growth that the company wanted to make in the coming period in Ethiopia.Like tractors, trucks, containers, packaging etc. are incinerated now. All irrigation pumps are all made so dries the crop and Hooyman expects the film greenhouses have also suffered major damage.”Everything is gone. Ten million investment and a lot of time and effort has gone up in smoke within a day. Fortunately, there was only one wounded. Last year, I definitely 24 times in Ethiopia to start things.It is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and that it is in fact still. Only we are now locally hit by the opposition. We are in a relatively new horticultural area. It started with a Belgian neighbor beans cultivation, when our Italian neighbor with plaster and then it was our turn. Talks are being held with the President on how we could possibly beyond. Against such damage can not insure yourself. “