It's not too late for TPLF supporters to join the people against TPLF rule

Tigrayan supporters attending the 40th Anniversary of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Mekelle, Ethiopia, 18 February 2015

Often it remains unwavering commitments to uphold the solid principles of Democracy, and a faithful trust in our government to maintain our best interest as a Nation, while sustaining the endearing leadership for the rest of the World. United States of America is not only advocates for democracy in principle, but supports and encourages its practical interpretation in lieu of alleviating the distress, misery and agony that other non-democratic Nations are enduring across the globe.

In the ideal world, it is within the National interest as well as strewing fairness that inspires to stipulate humanly achievable system of government that is/was chosen by its people for the people. But in the real world today, all types both democratic and oppressive regimes/administrations seizes power in the different parts of the World, and Ethiopia presents no exceptions. Furthermore, our recognition assistance often plays a pivotal role as for those governments’ continued survival and establishing itself as the upper legal institutions of that country. We frequently welcome Nations that are proved to be on the venue of embracing and implementing pillars of democracy with a comprehensive development, and a balanced stability. But, to our surprises, the claimed progresses and developments gradually dwindles as a result of the diminishing the practice of the Democratic principles and moralities. Then the pledges of Democracy remain only on papers where hypocrisy, insincerity, deceits, greed and illicit procedures takes its ugly course against the very people supposed to be shield. It is always our indecisiveness against those type regimes which encourages them to perpetuate more atrocities against their own people. Whether we like it or not, we are out there in the leadership panorama of any government we are close to as a result of our atypical motives. So when we are choosing to hear no evil, and see no evil, we could be seen as enablers, and we are enriching negative resentments against our ways of lives.

In the case of Ethiopia Yes, from a distance, TPLF – the current Ethiopian government did start on a reasonable direction. But as soon as they secured the power in Ethiopia, TPLF started revealing their true nature: duplicity, dishonesty, and deviousness. They chose to deliberate on their ability to manipulate the tower of democracy as a trade mark only, vying all its practical cruxes and roots. The current peaceful demonstrations in Ethiopia and the deadly responses, intimidation, imprisonment, and torture delivered by the TPLF regime against the Oromo School children and their parents, and all segments of the Ethiopian people, revealed how far they can be go beyond in drenching the flood of terror on the innocent people of the country. But the Oromo and all the Ethiopian people will never give up to tyranny and totalitarianism, but will uphold the torch for freedom and true Democracy no matter what length of time it may require. History repeats itself, and definitely this leads soon or later for all civil servants, the whole Nation including workers of small private enterprises in Oromia/Ethiopia will embark on a united action that will determine the regime’s remaining time in power. I hope, we will not remain on the wrong side of the fence. But it is not too late, erroneous supports can be rescinded, and offenders against the fundamental rights of the people can be held accountable. But we need to act within feasible time, before it could be too late.

We can learn more from the exemplary resolutions of the Colombia student’s bold support for the people of Oromia and Ethiopia.

Habte Dafa.