Ethiopia: The TPLF regime and its ‘noble thieves’ can NOT conflate fiction as facts to stick around

As I said before, TPLF led Apartheid regime must unconditionally surrender for democratic rule. Any empty propaganda or conflating facts-and-fictions to sustain its atrocious and corrupt rule in the late hours is declaration of open war on the people of Ethiopia.

Listening to President Thabo Mbeki’s speech on the 120th anniversary of Adwa Victory led by the legendary Emperor Menilk II, one of the most celebrated African leader in the world eloquently put the origin of TPLF hate for Ethiopia and the fairytale history it came with to establish mercenaries led Apartheid rule like no African has done before. In doing so, President Mbeki put contemporary TPLF elites that implement Apartheid rule in a Hall-of-Shame of History like their counterpart in the old Apartheid South Africa. He is not alone. His most famous partner and the legendry late President Nelson Mandela himself explicated in many ways than one including in his memoir and made Woyane elites look like a modern day Fascist Askaris. For that reason alone he passed away without setting foot in his beloved country he considered home.

Tragically, Ethiopian elites misread TPLF and expect the mercenary group to do right and surrender power for democratic rule. If you pay close attention, what President Thabo alluded was; the present occupation of Ethiopia is as bad as Fascist occupation that demand another victory. But, contemporary Ethiopian elites by enlarge refused to call a spade-a-spade as TPLF continue to do what it was hired to do in broad daylight pushing fairytales as facts to sustain its rule.

It is a heartbreak most African elites in power in genial opted to behave like mercenaries for hire. It wasn’t meant to be if the elites weren’t reduced to believe, in the words of the Egyptian Novelist Alaa Al Aswany, “the concept of the benevolent dictator, just like the concepts of the noble thief or the honest whore, is no more than a meaningless fantasy”. After witnessing how TPLF fairytale story played on Ethiopia I will add another class to meaningless fantasy of a benevolent ‘mercenary’ to the list. After all, calling Woyane a dictator is a misconception of not knowing the difference between common dictatorships verses a mercenary.

Regardless; we Ethiopians are one unlucky people not only to fall under the benevolent mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ but, the Apartheid rule of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and the ‘noble thieves’ Inc.

To begin with, I have no idea how a collection of mercenaries from Adwa managed to call themselves representative of ‘Tigray’ People to cause so much havoc. That by itself is an insult to the people of Ethiopia not to mention to incriminate those used-and-abused to accomplish their mission as we have been witnessing. But again, when you think about it; what else could mercenaries do but find people to hide behind? That is not all, the same mercenaries pretend to be everything for everybody in the last hours of their demise as we watch the development.

Our people say “ሁሉ አማረሽን ገበያ አታውጧት”. Such profound statement say more about Woyane ‘noble thieves’ that hate to love Ethiopians they robe. TPLF fairytale and the lying, the stealing and the killing that naturally followed behind Revolutionary Democracy (atrocity) and economic development (robbery) are all what is referred as ‘having your cake and eating it too’. Quite frankly, it worked like a charm so far — creating a class of self-proclaimed ‘noble thieves’. If one is attentive to notice; Revolutionary Democracy no longer needed for the mercenary group — replaced by peace and stability with slogan that match it. As far as ‘noble thieves’ are concerned the enemy is not the mercenary regime but, Ethiopian ‘terrorist’ that interfered in their robbery; how convenient.

Incidentally, I just heard on BBC; the paranoid mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ introduced Hate Speech decree trough the seating duck Parliament it controls in the last hour as if the ‘noble thieves’ it assembled need protection instead of going to jail. In a way; you can’t blame TPLF for trying anything and everything to stay alive. That is what happen to groups that live in a bubble of a fairytale virtual reality they created in the name of the people of Tigray.

But, in reality TPLF incriminating the people of Ethiopia in Tigray held hostage harboring a mercenary group and ‘noble thieves’ is one thing but, coming up with a fairytale solution is all together another. And, no one yet attempted to do just that than the ‘former’ TPLF official ‘General’ Tsadkan G. Tensay that came out of nowhere in the last hour with his recent fairytale.

First no one understand why he calls himself a general for serving a fairytale mercenary regime. Second, no one comprehend what took him so long to come out of the closet he hid and who gave him mandate to tell Ethiopians what is good for them. Third, no one understand what he meant by ‘talking to one ethnic group or another held hostage by TPLF to formulate his unsolicited recommendation to solve the problem he helped create. Forth, what does the crime of TPLF has anything to do with Ethiopians in Tigray? In other words, why is he speaking on behalf segregated and gauged people held hostage by TPLF? Fifth, what makes him (a person that was part of the problem) credible to recommend a solution? Six, what was all about the reference ‘the people of Tigray verses the rest of Ethiopians’ means for X-TPLF that make a living on the corrupt Apartheid system he helped erect. I can go on and on wasting time to prove; the man is a fluke that came out of nowhere to save the rogue regime his livelihood depends on posed as a ‘genial’. He reminds me of ‘General’ Siye Abrha that was interested to dismantle Kinjit to save Woyane and disappear in a tin air. I guess it is ‘General’ Tsadkan G. Tensay tern to disfranchise Ethiopians to sustain the Apartheid regime.

It is interesting how contemporary Woyane elites live in a bubble of a virtual reality of a fairytale they created and believe they can be part of the solution on the expenses of the democratic rights and liberty of Ethiopians. For them; no matter how corrupt and atrocious the regime is, they think; as long as it is good for them it is good for the rest of Ethiopians that are gauged and held hostage by the same ‘Tughocracy’. Call it delusion, insanity or greed at all cost I have no problem. What I have a problem with is; when they mix fact-and-fiction to hoodwink Ethiopians allover again.

In that regard, behind all the fairytale mercenary ‘Tughocracy’; there are ‘noble thieves’ that design the blue print of the institutions of atrocities (security), ethnic Apartheid (Federal Nation and Nationality), robbery (development), ethnic cleansing (villigization) propaganda (Media-communication), money laundering (investment), indoctrination (Education) and the rest to end up telling us there is ‘a benevolent mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ worth saving while marching on their way to the bank laughing at us. Now you understand why peace and stability is needed to justify the virtual reality of a fairytale they live under.

It reminds me of what Albert Einstein once wrote, “He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.”

This reality may puzzle many Ethiopians that swallowed the fairytale story of TPLF themselves to do what they were not supposed to do against their own people and nation to find out the reality rather too late; TPLF is a mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ and global crime syndicate.

The damage is already done and the only thing left is redemption and doing the right thing to rid of the mercenary Apartheid regime and the ‘noble thieves’. Is that too hard a reality to swallow by now unless people live in their own fairytale bubble?

As the saying goes, there is a time for everything. A time to tell lie, steal and kill and cheer the crimes of a fairytale regime and a time to take responsibility and surrender for reality. The time has come TPLF ‘noble thieves’ at home and abroad that commit heinous crimes against the people of Ethiopia take responsibility and abandon the rogue regime while they can for their own good instead of hiding like juvenile offenders blaming everyone else but themselves. If that is not possible, they might as well accept they are mercenaries hired to do a job than go around the bushes.

‘You must look at facts, because they look at you’. I am not sure who said it but, if I remember correctly; it was Winston Churchill. For TPLF ‘noble thieves’ looking at facts that look at them has been a terrifying proposition more than anything simply because their very existence depends not to. It has gotten so bad; they couldn’t even agree with their own fairytale fiction that made them the ‘noble thieves’ they are. Therefore, burying their head in the sand like they buried many Ethiopians they killed or the money they stole is what kept them going so far and made them what is commonly referred as ‘dead men talking-walking’ as they scramble to bury the facts that look at them faster than they can run from the reality of a fairytale regime and it is showing.

Bruce Coville, an American novelist and author of several fictions once wrote; “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”

Therefore, concealing facts from Ethiopians and putting out fairytale fiction has been the biggest accomplishment of TPLF ‘noble thieves’ Inc. Again, we have to admit they did a brilliant job .

It is well established fact by now; TPLF operatives, particularly in the diaspora are mostly ignorant foot soldiers of a mercenary regime that live off under a fairytale bubble it created or spineless ‘noble thieves’ that live one day-at-time holding on the Thugocracy that facilitate their robbery of Ethiopians. Quite honestly, the latter are the kind of ‘large brain by mistake’ elites that ‘joyfully marches in rank and file’ that brought corruption and atrocities on the people of Ethiopia. There is no crude explanation and description of them than what Einstein offered above.

But, what makes ‘our noble thieves’ different than their typical counterpart in Africa is; they do it skillfully behind international or pseudo civic organizations or in the name of Media to conceal the facts from Ethiopians. We have to admit they are so good playing us like fools by throwing out fiction many Ethiopians don’t get it yet as it was designed.

Personally, beyond contempt for reducing themselves to the bottom of the pits; I kind of feel sorry for the position they put themselves in and the torment they go through choking over the facts that is looking at them — agonizing to get by one-day-at-a-time in what appears a no way out situation. As I said before, the worst offenders are in the Diaspora often hiding from Ethiopians. The only time you see them come out in public is when they pitch to save the mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ they livelihoods depend on. I have written dozens of articles to show how they made jackasses out of themselves in front of the world by conflating facts-and-fictions to make sense out of TPLF Apartheid ‘Tughocracy’ on the expenses of our people.

Many Ethiopian focus on the regime’s front official when in actuality the real offenders are behind the shadow. I am in the school that believe; for every ‘Tughocracy’ there are spineless elites behind the seen ‘looking at facts and burying their head in a fairytales to sustain the status qua. What is fascinating about TPLF spineless elites is; the more they know the facts the worst they get. There is no conventional explanation for their behavior except to reinforce; they are modern day mercenaries for hire.

Quite honestly, it pains me to hound them every time I see their transgression. I wish I could find anything good to say about what they do (if there ever be anything good about cheerleading a mercenary ‘Tughocracy’). I also wouldn’t have bothered if they were average guys who wouldn’t know better. But, they are or at least claim to be accomplished men and women in responsible position flaunting their credentials but, peddling at the bottom of the pits on the expenses of millions of our people.

As we are witnessing, the last and the only hope left to get them excited in the recent past to justify the survival of the mercenary Apartheid ‘Tughocracy’ is economic development. But again, looking at the facts; you wonder how robbing a nation blind in daylight became economic development is beyond me and more prove the ‘noble thieves’ live in a bubble of a fairytale regime. I kid you not; every jackass that comes out in public to say so lies through his/her teeth — mixing fact-and-fiction to claim; the economy is growing faster at the speed of a bullet train and refer you to the World Bank to validate daylight robbery is a good thing.

I am not sure if they think Ethiopians are stupid or they are stupid to know they are one. But, in any self-respecting regime anyone with such fairytale would be chased out of town or go to jail. But, in a fairytale TPLF regime they get promotion and awards if not stolen land of their choice in Federal Apartheid Regions. In reality, they are being insulted in what is commonly referred as the ‘bigotry of low expectation’, that is, TPLF is telling them; lying and stealing from Ethiopians is the only way they can make it. Surprisingly; there are lots of them dressed up for the occasion willing to be insulted.

I am sorry, if you claim to hold a diploma, I don’t care if it is a sanitation engineering, Public Administration and Management or journalism; don’t come out in public to open your mouth defending fairytales coming out of a rogue regime as facts. It is the reality a fifth grader can figure out but, that eluded TPLF elites. But again, when you are a mercenary or a noble thief you are not supposed to think above a fifth grader. Isn’t that the truth about all ‘benevolent dictators ruled nations and their elites across the board?

Ignorance is no virtue but not a crime. But, concealing facts and putting out fiction to make a fairytale regime look legitimate is not only unprofessional but, criminality at its best. I don’t care who does it, he or she is nothing more than a ‘large brain by mistake’ elite willing to go down to the bottom of the pits and you can take that fact to any bank including the World Bank itself.

The bottom line is; the people of Ethiopia are hostages of TPLF mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ & Nobel Thieves Inc. I am afraid it takes more than fiction to save the regime and more than protest to get rid of it.
As George Orwell puts it;

“Despotic governments can stand ‘moral force’ till the cows come home; what they fear is physical force.”

But, I always wonder; what the ‘noble thieves’ fear most to abandon ship? Couldn’t be lots of facts about the fairytale ‘Tughocracy’ they are in love with?

Or, can it be exposing their “secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information’ as the American poet and activist Robin Morgan stated?
Thomas Jefferson once said;

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day”

Here we are in the 21st Century where TPLF elites ‘secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information’ on behalf of rogue mercenary regime as if there is honor being ‘noble thieves’, we Ethiopians in general failed to identify and punish them as we should.

For God’s sake; who in his or her freaking right mind claims facts will come out of TPLF ‘Tughocracy’ and live to see the next day? Call me crazy or for that matter a terrorist; only ‘noble thieves’ that wake up every morning tell us with a straight face; fairytales are facts and facts are inconvenient to handover the rights and livelihood of an entire people of a nation in a hand basket for a mercenary ‘Tughocracy’ and still roam the street instead of being locked up. Where is the justice in that?

Look my compatriots, in the absence of law under‘Tughocracy’; ‘normal’ people have conscious to do the right things and, I don’t have to prove you that fact. In fact, you can learn how our people behave with each other under the extreme condition a mercenary Apartheid ‘Tughocracy’ put them in and contrast that with the ‘noble thieves’ with all kinds of credentials that couldn’t tell the different between facts and fiction and tell me where the problem of our people originated and must end. I think; the sooner we deal with TPLF ‘noble thieves’ institutionally the sooner we end our people’s misery. By the way, if TPLF fairytale makes you feel good to create your own version as many do, I can only say you badly need help and suggest to see a doctor.

As I pledged to hound any ‘noble thief’ that mix fact-and-fiction from his or her hiding to help sustain the rogue TPLF regime on the expenses of MY PEOPLE, I would like once again to warn you not to try. If you do dare; be prepared to face barrage of facts knocking on your door when you least expect it to take you where no ‘noble thief’ has ever gone before, believe me.

That said, I leave you with two examples of a ‘noble thieves’ that mix facts-and-fictions to sustain TPLF ‘Tughocracy’. The first is Mehari Taddele Maru (PhD), who wrote an opinion on Aljazeera in Aug of 2015 titled “A secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success”.

In response, I wrote an article the same week titled ‘The failure of TPLF to expand terrorism referred as a secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success’ to show a classic example of a ‘noble thief’ mixing facts and fictions to create a fairytale. Had he wrote his opinion by reviling his true identity I wouldn’t bother but, according to Aljezera, Maru is “a specialist in international human rights and humanitarian law, an international consultant on African Union affairs, and an expert in Public Administration and Management”. Doesn’t he sound credible doing very important job?

But, missing are his other works at home as the Director of the Office for University Reform at Addis Ababa University and Program Head for African Conflict Prevention Program (ACPP-Addis) along various positions including involvement in the charity wing of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church and many more.

Besides concealing his true identity, “a specialist in international human rights and humanitarian law” claiming the success of a rogue regime fighting fairytale terrorism was what trigged my response. Think about it, a Harvard-Oxford and NATO defense college educated expert providing opinion based on a fairytale data out of his pocket or TPLF antiterrorism task force? I said;

“The last thing we expect from Harvard-Oxford educated PhD is — TPLF terror network is a success to be exported in other countries to terrorize other people. What is it; an insult to the sensibility of Ethiopians or simply ታጥቦ ጭቃ?”

I understand concealing facts is the nature of ‘noble thieves’ but, when individuals like Maru comes out as a professional claiming to do independent investigation and advice the world without reviling all the facts but noting but the facts about himself, the subject matter and the regime; not only it raises red flag but in the real world it is called professional prostitution. Isn’t that what education supposed to prevent?

Another fascinating and less assuming fellow is Taddese Haddish, an Ethiopian American and The Bill Gate Foundation’s Africa office Director on policy, advocacy, and government relations based in Addis Ababa. The little know man left his career as Senior Policy Advisor to Mayor Greg Nickels of Seattle 2004-2007 before joining the Foundation as Special Assistant to the Director of Agricultural Development before his present position as Representative to Ethiopia and the African Union of the Foundation, according to his LinkedIn profile
His involvement and experience as he narrate it says;

“Having spent 17 years of my life in Ethiopia, I have first-hand familiarity with the nation’s culture, language, politics and economic realities. Ethiopia is undergoing an economic and development transformation. To have a positive influence there, I believe we must continue to build close ties and engage in sustained conversations with all involved stakeholders. At the Gates Foundation, I bring to bear 18 years of government relations, development and policy-shaping experience to help the organization achieve its programmatic goals in Africa.”

Incidentally, a search on the Foundation website reviled noting about Taddese but only the Press Release of his appointment in 2012.

But, listening to his interview on The Rock Newman Show on March 11, 2015 at Howard University with the popular African American host mixing facts and fictions to the host that has no clue of what is going on in Ethiopia by itself says enough about the man and many like him that conveniently ignore the reality. For someone that worked in a major American city as Senior Policy Advisor not to say a word about TPLF regime that ransack the nation at will says; education and experience without character means nothing.

Again, had he reviled the bad, the good and the ugly of the rogue regime’s policy and his association with the ruling party; I wouldn’t bother wasting time. But, when I heard him throw fairytale data casually to the host who have no clue about the issue nor the government; I have no choice but to speak up. Not once he reviled anything wrong about the regime’s governance, its policy, its corrupt investment scheme… pretending everything is hanky Dore unexpected from an American professional that knows the same behavior in his country would land him in jail.

These kinds of people are what left our people in crises mixing fact and fiction to sustain tyranny. And, when confronted with the facts instead of surrendering; they go in a ‘killing’ spree of the facts as well as the innocent and hide behind international organizations. They are so predictable; you can close your eyes and pick them from the crowed when they read the script.

Unfortunately there are quite lots of them out there frightened to look the facts looking at them. Personally, I don’t believe; they worth the paper their credentials printed on. If it did, they will be out in public to tell the good, the bad and the ugly of Woyane and everybody else’s’ and demand changes. Instead, they whitewash the facts and peddle fairytale as if a gun is pointed at them.

Look, if Ethiopia or Africa in general must see the daylight of freedom, democracy and development; it has to be fact based and there is no way around it. What we see among our contemporary elites is peddling fiction as facts to sustain the status qua. For me as it should be for everybody else I have no whatsoever tolerance for fiction peddlers posed as professional. And the fact remains; they are the cause of all the problems of our people. And if all Ethiopian elites don’t agree on this basic fact to come together, then; they are willing participants in a fairytale fiction no better than the ‘noble thieves’.

Before concluding, I will like to take this opportunity to appreciate the Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) and the esteemed crews for making the facts available for ‘starving’ minds of Ethiopians. Your contribution is priceless if we ever have the capacity to understand it and support you in kind. You should also understand; it takes time for people starved of facts for so long to digest away the fairytale of Woyane they were feed from their mind and body. As you probably know, the first causality of facts are the same people that push fairytale for so long to live in the bubble of their own virtual reality. To that end, already you proven; fiction peddling is the thing of the past as the peddlers are running for cover.

As I said before, ESAT is the best thing that happened to Ethiopians since the Adwa Victory and I was right. As President Thabo eloquently alluded; fiction peddling elites are what got Africans to look somewhere for a solution.

Therefore, the worst enemy of TPLF ‘Tughocracy’ & ‘noble thieves’ Inc. are facts and more facts. Unfortunately, when you look at the ‘Medias’ that supposed to tell facts verses fictions; the later outnumber the former ten to one. A preview of the Medias in the recent development would tell you who-is-who peddling fiction. Isn’t that a petty there are more fiction than fact tellers in TPLF Apartheid Ethiopia — starving our people to death?

If you ask me, as ‘a man can’t live with bread alone’. The #1 enemy of Ethiopians are fiction peddlers led by TPLF ‘noble thieves’ and, in my opinion; put spotlight on them like ESAT does “tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day”.
If you have no self-respect for yourself and your profession to peddle fictions of a fairytale ‘Tughocracy’ or your own; you can blame the messengers of facts all you want, it wouldn’t make you anything but …, live with it.

The entire system the mercenary regime built on fairytale fiction is tittering on the verge of collapse and TPLF is willing to take the country with it as it was hired to do. And, unfortunately the only people that can’t see it coming are the ‘noble thieves’ it assembled to sustain it to fish its job.

As I said before, TPLF led Apartheid regime must unconditionally surrender for democratic rule. Any empty propaganda or conflating facts-and-fictions to sustain its atrocious and corrupt rule in the late hours is declaration of open war on the people of Ethiopia.

Advice for fiction peddlers: You wasted your entire life peddling fiction to live in a bubble of Apartheid and became dead-men-walking. To rise up from death; you must accept facts not Jesus as some wanted you to believe. You have to choose between TPLF led mercenary rule or democratic rule. Until you do; you remain a walking zombies that live for your daily bread alone peddling fiction on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia and the benefit of your enablers.

God bless Ethiopians and Ethiopia

This article is dedicated for all fact tellers and others that languish in TPLF dungeons for telling the facts but noting but the facts about the ruling ‘Tughocracy’. It is a matter of time before fiction peddlers replace you in the same dungeons where they belong.