Ethiopia: The roar of the Lion

Gondar Protesters

Ethiopia: The roar of the Lion

By Yilma Bekele

August five a booming noise was heard throughout Ethiopia and the source of the loud roar was none other than from the lion’s lair, the ancient city of Gondar. The brave people of Gondar lifted the smoke veal that has been blurring our vision. They just did not demand justice for themselves. They demanded justice for all of Ethiopia’s children. What less do you expect from a real Lion?

They demanded the release of Bekele Gerba the brave son of Oromia. They applauded our gallant Muslim citizens and raised their voice against the injustice done to them. The fire that has been smoldering all over Ethiopia the last twenty five years exploded in Gondar, appeared in Bahr Dar, moved to Dire Dawa, went East to Nekemte, was felt in Addis and is expected in Shashemene and further south.

The people of Gondar in one bold stroke undid what Weyane has been trying to erase for over the last thirty years. They told Woyane in no uncertain voice ‘we are children of the same mother’ and no amount of hate will come between us! It might appear strange to some but most people knew trying to break Ethiopia apart is not a winning idea. There is always a fool that has to try. Woyane is the latest fool that tried that. They are falling like autumn leaves right in front of our eyes.

I know their fall has been predicted many times before but it never happened. It has been eleven long years since Kinijit. The struggle never stopped. Woyane under Meles reset their agenda and embarked on selling all of Ethiopia’s assets. The opposition with its limited resources continued to shine a bright light on the bankruptcy of the system and the dangers associated with such greed to stay in power. Our people organized inside the belly of the enemy.

Gondar is the culmination of years of pent up rage against Woyane injustice. The solidarity by Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Nekemte, Ambo, Shashemene is a crowning moment in our history and a new chapter in our attempt to form a just and free Ethiopia. Our people are confirming what we have all been saying all along. We are one people and that is what has made our country free and strong ever since time immemorial.

What we see in Ethiopia today is that we are all united against injustice. From Gondar to Dire Dawa to Nekemte we all want one thing - to live free as one people. There is only one organization that is denying us our freedom. It is Tigrai people Liberation Front (TPLF - ህዝባዊ ወያነ ሓርነት ትግራይ-ሕ ወ ሓ ት) The Organization does not represent the dreams and aspirations of the people of Tigrai. At the same time it is people of Tigrean origin that have greatly benefited from the tribal system. It is this system Ethiopians have come together to destroy once and for all.

The Tigray Liberation Front is trying to paint this either an attempt by Shabia G7, OLF or the good old charge of Interahamwe and other enemies. This time it is not going to work. The discontent is too wide spread. The crime by the Tigray regime is too blatant and obvious not to be noticed by all Ethiopians. The economy is hitting bottom and foreign enablers are having second thought about the mafia group that is refusing to act grown up. There is no section of the society that has not felt Woyane injustice.

The last week Tigrai Woyane troops have killed over ninety Ethiopians that were peacefully marching to show their discontent. Thirty three were from Ormia and twenty from Gondar as reported by Reuters and ESAT. Ethiopians of Oromia region have lost over three hundred people the last year and murder has not slowed their resolve to bring justice.

In twenty sixteen it is a little strange and depressing to witness a Government sending professional soldiers trained for war to stifle dissent and gives the order to shoot to kill. We, living in the outside should appeal to our family and friends to make our soldiers see the big picture and understand the consequences of obeying illegal order. It is heartwarming to see Federal Police and local Forces refusing to obey the regime and the news from Godar and vicinity where our soldiers joined the population with their weapons as a gift is the best of them all.

If you are an Ethiopian with any sense of dignity you can not fail to notice the highly offensive system being built by Tigrai Woyane in Ethiopia. It shows utter disrespect to all other Ethiopians. It is not healthy and that is not the way forward. History tells us about the early years of the United States and the consequences of slavery that is still being felt today. It is taking a long time to correct that major mistake. The protest by the children of Ethiopia is proof that we have learnt a valuable lesson and we know a solid foundation is a must to build a just and equal society.

Who would argue with that except Woyane. That is understandable because the few are causing pain to the many while they are living life to the fullest so they think. The people of Ethiopia have embarked on a final battle against injustice as exemplified by ugly Woyane. The death toll is bound to go higher. It is sad but that is the way of war. What makes war happen is when the many sit and allow the few to bully. What makes a short war is when the many unite and put the bully in his place. This is where the individual Ethiopian count. We in the Diaspora count big.

Are you with the Ethiopian people or are you with Tigrai Woyane. It is a very simple questio. Are you feeding or starving the enemy is what we all want to know. Please this is no time to be dancing around. Whatever you have been doing in the past, tomorrow our people ask you to give it a second thought and see if you by any chance have been feeding the monster and if you are stop it!

Our people from Gondar and all their allies have shown the way. The level of organization, the discipline of the Freedom March, the super heartwarming presence of our flag looking more beautiful than ever before has become an occasion for a grown up to cry with delight. No need to mention the wide grin on everyones face to see the picture of Bekele Gerba in Gondar! It is obvious the people of Gondar and Welkait are up to something. It is more than clear our gallant freedom fighters have finally laid a beautiful foundation for the children of Ethiopia confront the enemy on all four corners of our ancient land. It is no secret the sweat and labor invested in Eritrea is finally coming home to protect the peace, defend our family and serve our people.

Our sons and daughters are paying a price with their life asking for our freedom and equality. The war has started and there is no going back. It is freedom or slavery. The Tigrai Woyane government is skilled at killing its own people. Killing unarmed civilians it that what they are good at. They did not fair good in Somalia. Shabia made their Lt. General and his staff weep with fear and shame. The crime they have committed the last twenty five years, the hate they have developed to the rest of us has sapped all the humanity out of them. Yesterday we are told they fought to bring justice and today they are fighting to deny justice but they don’t see it that way. The spark that ignited in Gondar with our help and our peoples boundless courage is going to make them see it is not a good idea to mess with a sleeping Lion.