Addis Ababa residents should be ashamed of themselves

By Masud

I believe that this essay will give to some readers discomfort and irritation. That is the whole purpose. Turn your irritation against the occupying Woyane Tigre force not against me. To those who think I do not belong to Addis and I hate Addis, I will remind them what Hailesellassie said when some Oromos blamed him for not liking Oromo, at least for the sake of argument. He said” kegna belay man Oromo ale?”, i.e. who is more Oromo than me? With that introductory remark, I will proceed to curse Addis Ababa for her behavior.

Addis is a prostitute who sleeps with anyone with authority, money and opportunity. Its residents are just a collection of dissimilar individuals not linked by any viable value. Leave alone their political and ideological ties; their family ties are very loose and fragile. Addis is a city where one spouse cheats on another, husband lease his wife to another user able and willing to pay, boyfriend encourages his girlfriend to go to Arab countries to bring money doing all the dirty works; mother pushes her daughter to be street girl, religious leaders are pickpocketing, civil servants are looting the public, etc, etc.

In short, Addis Ababa is a cursed city where most cursed individuals reside. It is home of many wrong- doers, cheaters, corrupts, opportunists, liars, crooks, perverts and criminals. The way Addis was established was atypical and its characteristics are odd. Addis has no culture, no norm and no discipline.

When we see the track record of Addis, it is full of acts of betrayal of the rest of Ethiopian people. Addis started her lies and deception by hiding the death of Emperor Menelik from the people for long time. Then, continued by hiding the removal of Tayitu Bitul from Palace when she forced to go to Entoto, the beheading of Lij Iyasu in Haileselassie’s Palace, Hailesellassie’s death by suffocation by Derg, etc, etc. Addis hanged number of innocent, genuine and hero persons falsely accusing them for committing crimes.

When many Ethiopians had been fighting fascist Italians, Addis had been cooking eggs to Italian occupying forces and competing to sleep with Italians and their servants. When the rest of Ethiopian fought to end serfdom and feudalism, Addis had been enjoying the produce of tenants at a very unreasonable price and praying for the long life of bloodsucking feudal system. When the rest of Ethiopians had been fighting the dictatorial regime of Derg, Addis was singing for Derg and agitating the people in rural Ethiopia to send their children to war fronts in the north and east. When the former military members came empty handed to Addis, the residents of Addis were laughing at them and calling them cowards by aligning themselves with the occupying forces of Woyane.

Addis never learn from history and her mistakes. Currently, when the rest of Ethiopians rise up against Tigre occupation, Addis is sleeping with Woyanes and enjoying her deep sleep in the arms of looter Tigres. Regardless of what Woyanes are doing to Ethiopians, Addis is competing to sell her whisky, kitfo, chechebsa, girls, and everything she can offer to Tigres. The opportunist Addis Ababa is befriending and sleeping with Woyane Tigre criminals just to collect their leftovers.

There is no norm and morality in Addis Ababa. She prostitutes with whoever comes to control her. She did in the past and doing it now. The rest of Ethiopians must continue their struggle against Woyane and should not expect much from this prostitute. If they control power, Addis and her opportunistic residents will turn their faces and rush to prostitute with the anti Woyane forces.

The opportunistic residents of Addis and their supporters presented lame excuse of being checked by Ethiopian Government security forces for not coming out in protest to Woyane Tigre occupying forces on August 21, 2016. Which part of the country is not controlled by government security forces? If the rural resident broke the siege of government security forces, why couldn’t the residents of Addis Ababa. How many squares/ roundabouts/open places are in Addis to gather at and how many ways to go to the Meskel Square? Put aside your lame excuse. Don’t try to be smart and consider others who are fighting for justice and freedom are dumb.