Understanding Woyane elites’ delusional mind and propensity for crimes

By Teshome Debalke

The malevolence contemporary Woyane elites that brought the never ending crimes against our beloved people and nation requires understanding the root cause of their delusional mind to find a permanent solution.TPLF officials of the Ethiopian regime

Historically Woyane (Ge’ez: ወያነ) or rebellion came right after King Haile Sellase returned to his throne in 1941 when Fascist Italy was defeated to end the five year occupation. The subsequent introduction of a new provincial administration to replace Fascist’s tribal administration to restore his rule led to what is referred as Woyane or rebellion of the elites.

The reason and the timing of the rebellion — depending who recorded the event and the politics that followed remain vague. For instance, it isn’t clear whether the rebellion was due to the elites’ genuine effort for regional autonomy from the central government in Addis Ababa or the resistance of the remaining elites that were administrating the region under Eritrea that was Federated region leaving Tigray under the nobilities rule.

But, given the rebellion started right after fascist’s surrender for the allied force led by the British force that helped restore Emperor Haileselases rule; it is disputed how the defeated elites administrating the region on behalf of Fascist Italy have nothing to do with it. In that regard, the recently released documentary under the Freedom of Information Act proven many, including the late Melse Zenawi’s father was high ranking Fascist official. Nevertheless, the more romantic narrative of the event continued to be framed a rebellion of Tigray elites for an autonomy from the central government persist without much challenge.

Regardless, the word Woyane in contemporary politics symbolizes treason, corruption, atrocity and ethnic Apartheid led by the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), a Marxist-Leninist secessionist and clandestine group led by the late Melse Zenawi that vowed to break up Ethiopia with the help of Arab regimes and Western governments remain a historical fact. But, connecting the dots between the first Woyane allegedly wanted to maintain the Fascist tribal Administration they lost and the second Woyane that institute tribal rule requires in depth investigation and expertise.

So far no one took responsibility for what essentially turn Tigray elites’ rebellion for ‘autonomy’ then into Tigray elites’ tribal rule with gang of Adwa running — killing and robbing Ethiopians and Ethiopia at will uninhabited.

This bone crashing reality known to all Woyane members being the case; rewriting history to deny the reality remain the new Woyane elites’ identity. Unfortunately, the speed they eliminated those willing to share the truth about the TPLF and the silence of the remaining members coupled with extensive propaganda to put out the fairytale didn’t help the people of Ethiopia to figure out what really is in the minds of the delusional contemporary Woyane elites.

Here, there is no need to go back and rehash the truthfulness of the historical account of the few that escaped assassination attempt of TPLF to share what they know. Ato Gebermedhin Araya’s and a handful of high-level former TPLF members including Argawi Berehi (PhD), the then commander of the TPLF account of what happened reviles what the new Woyane is all about. Many books written by former TPLF members despite their attempt to vindicate themselves didn’t deny TPLF is a mercenary group.

Therefore, understanding the minds of the remaining contemporary Woyane elites, particularly those in the diaspora that volunteer in their freewill to serve the new Woyane as we know it now should tell us how deeply the mercenary group’s fairytale is entrenched in their minds. Their obsession to control the flow of information to conceal their crimes and rewrite another fairytale history is more indication of mercenaries ruling and what Ethiopians are dealing with.

Pick any Woyane elite randomly today; you will find a snake oil salesman to tell you what you want to hear or a covert spy to know what you know about TPLF fairytale. Such moral depravity that began four decades ago reached a point of no return and shows the deterioration of their minds and the consequence we witness today.

Therefore, an average Woyane elite today live in a bubble – a virtual reality of fairytale and behaves like a drag dealer and a pimp combined. He/she will sell you anything you want and sell you for anybody that offers the right price.

Quite tragically, no Ethiopian elites comes close to live in a bubble of a fairytale and believe it to be real like Woyane elites. Their delusion is so-much to overwrite the conventional knowledge out of their mind and invent a fairytale knowledge to fit their delusional mind. They even created a fairytale ‘great leader’ out of the ashes of the late conman extraordinary Melse Zenawi just to find solace out of their criminality.

Delusion is not new in the human experience. Everyone have some degree of delusion often on the expenses of his or her surroundings. But, to have a collective delusion living under a bubble of a fairytale and on the expenses of entire people of a nation is a whole different rational.

Bodhidharma, the Chinese Buddhist monk at the end of 5th century and regarded as a legend and considered the first Chinese patriarch put it this way;

“The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion.”

But, Woyane elites collective delusion can only be explained as in cult like groups often over a fairytale of an existence of a messiah like divine being — where people made to believe to reach a point of no return. But, greed and anger over a fairytale is the other possibility where Woyane elites couldn’t snap out of their delusion to continue to cause havoc.

Greed is self-explanatory behavior — an affliction of a human nature when unrestrained, as it is the case with Woyanes that got out of control as we are witnessing. But, the manufactured anger and the consequence including infecting many others beyond Woyanes as it was intended is where explanation is in short supply.

Some examples of Woayne elites’ anger manifested by ethnic cleansing and off-the-wall propaganda targeted on Ethiopians they couldn’t implement their fairytale. Their most visible anger is directed toward Ethiopians where their fairytale hit brick walls—exacerbating their anger further.

Take for instance the peaceful revolt of Oromo Ethiopians against the fairytale regime that cost 1000s of lives. Woyane elites’ response was more anger to massacre more people. Observing their reaction to the ongoing crimes of the regime all over the country explain the root cause of their delusional mind is the foundation of TPLF that kept them live in a bubble of a virtual reality of a fairytale.

The revolt in Gonder is another indication; Woyane elites couldn’t snap out of their delusion to surrender for reality. Observing their propaganda Media coverage of the revolt is a good indication their determination to remain in a bubble of a fairytale until the end.

Don’t get me wrong. Woyane elites somehow managed to make many Ethiopians a believer of fairytale. Some Ethiopians actually created their own fairytale–piggybacking on TPLF’s fairytale to make matters worse than it would have been. In fact, many took political advantage of TPLF’s fairytale and ended up to hit a brick wall of their own.

But, the most damaging of all is the the indifference of the rest of Ethiopian elites from fighting back the delusional Woyane elites’ fairytale before the nation reached a point of no return.

Professor Konnilyn G. Feig the American author and educator of history and political science put it bluntly;

“Man is deeply vulnerable when faced with overwhelming evil. Instead of consolidating his energy to fight it, he wastes valuable time and effort puzzling over it, insisting it is not, cannot possibly be, what it seems.”

That is where Ethiopians are at this particular junction of history – under fairytale regime where delusional Woyane elites implemented fairytale out of a thin air and the rest of the elites wondering in amusement.

That bring me to their contradiction; how did delusional Woyane elites skillfully implement a fairytale and sustain it for these long?
That is where understanding the root cause of contemporary Woyane elites’ mind formation needs in depth investigation.

My own unscientific observation for extended period says; Woyane elites are mercenaries for hire to implement and sustain fairytale on behalf of foreign clients.

To understand how; one need to observe them in a neutral environment they operate voluntarily without duress. The record shows; not only they are mercenaries but, responsible for underwriting TPLF’s fairytale and the crime spree against the people of Ethiopia we witness.

What is important at present is to understand how they facilitate finance and diplomacy in the international community and keep Ethiopians in diaspora at bay to sustain the fairytale regime.

Interestingly, most don’t revile their identity, what they do and where they are unless they have to preserve Woyane’s fairytale or sell Ethiopians something or another to sustain TPLF. Many do it hiding behind international organizations.

Media operators in the Diaspora are the worst offenders. Their dismal coverage or no coverage of the ongoing atrocities throughout Southern Ethiopia and the recent crises in Gonder are good examples of their surreptitious nature to divert attention and misinform Ethiopians and the international community.

Anyway you shake it or bake it, Woyane elites have no choice but to surrender for the reality or continue to live under the delusion of a fairytale as they scramble to run from the reality they are facing.

As the English classical scholar and poet Alfred Edward Housman put it;

“The house of dilutions is cheap to build but, drafty to live in”

The House of Delusion Woyane elites built on the blood of Ethiopians is drafty as expected.

Ironically, they are hiding in their bunkers sniffing stole money instead of snapping out of their fairytale to reality. If that isn’t a classic example of cowards; we don’t know what could be.

Finally, as I went through the Diaspora Media coverage to figure out who would be agonizing to save The House of Delusion; I couldn’t help but notice the same Medias are still at it and ended up asking myself; how come people waste their entire lives in delusion of a fairytale? The only plausible conclusion I came up with is; it pays well.

The price is right? If you sell your soul, your integrity, your profession, your people and country for the right price; you are NOT delusional but, a mercenary.

The defense lawyer hired by the mercenary group this time around is Getachew Reda; the delusional elite among many like Halimariam D. Without delusional elites there wouldn’t be a mercenary regime.

I rest my case

This article is dedicated for the latest causalities of the mercenary regime in Gonder. Your sacrifice is not in vain.