TPLF security cheif Getachew Assefa puts Bereket Simon under Surveillance

By Tazabi-1

Ethiopian Security chief ordered for a through inspection of Bereket Simon's residence. Suspicion on Bereket intensified after his latest critical assessment of EPRDF! Aboy Sebhat Nega-tplf's statesman went as far as accusing Bereket of sabotaging EPRDF revolutionary democracy and he added that Bereket is " fifth columnist". others who are believed to be Bereket's followers including Former prime minister's wife-Azeb Mesfin are under close surveillance. Azeb Mesfin has been exhibiting strange behaviours in public to show her disappointment and disapproval of the way she has been treated by Aboy Sebhat group. Lately Azeb is believed to be frequenting Thailand where she owns multi million dollars worth of condo complex and commercial buildings. If things start to get tougher in Addis, Thailand will be her destination!

There is high probability that Bereket might leave Ethiopia under the guise of seeking better medical care abroad for his chronic health situation which has been kept secret from the public.

Ethiopia's Security chief Getachew works under direct orders from Arkebe, Abay and Sebhat.