TPLF enraged by new Eritrea-US rapprochement

Dr. Shannon Lee Smith, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in Asmara

By Tazabi-1

US and Eritrea have agreed to resume diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level before the end of 2016.

The agreement was reached during secretary of state for African Affairs visit to Asmara last month.

During her visit both sides agreed to engage in constructive dialog to reestablish diplomatic relations at highest level and eliminate existing political and diplomatic obstacles and resumption of relations at ambassadorial level would be prerequisite to create a conducive environment for the dialogs.

Both sides agreed that the threat of terrorism poised by Islamic fundamentalists in the Red Sea region requires both countries to coordinate their efforts.

US is supportive Eritrea's role in Saudi-led coalition to stabilize Yemen and fight Alqaida in Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

US agreed to recall the papers of its ambassadorial nominee whose credential Eritrea refused to accept and now is wiling to nominate a new one soon.

Ethiopia is enraged by the fact that it is kept in the dark about the new Eritrea-US rapprochement.

During July 4 celebration in the compounds of US embassy in Asmara, the US charge de Affair emphasized the need for both countries to strengthen their relationships and also suggested that Eritrean should open up to the world to exploit its impressive potential in tourism, mining and other spheres.

The atmosphere for US-Eritrea rapprochement seems ripe and it is aldo believed that Saudi has been playing major role in bringing both sides to a negotiating table.